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Blackout Buster

Issue 4 and Volume 105.

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Vericor Power Systems now offers OnsitePower systems that provide power, steam, and hot or chilled water to industrial companies. Vericor Power Systems will build, own and operate OnsitePower systems at the point of use. Vericor reports a strong interest in the systems in California because permitting and installation of power plants that generate less than 50 MW is quicker than for larger plants. Some OnsitePower projects can be installed to begin operation in as little as three to six months, depending on specific customer needs and the length of the permitting process. OnsitePower projects don’t require connection to the grid, and help lessen the load on the utility transmission system. OnsitePower systems are based on aeroderivative gas turbine-generator packages. Each VPS3 genset features Vericor Power Systems’ ASE 40 3 MW gas turbine, while the VPS4 generator set includes the 4 MW Vericor Power Systems ASE 50 gas turbine.