Metretek Technologies Inc. announces additional PowerSecure project

DENVER—(BUSINESS WIRE)—March 14, 2001—Metretek Technologies Inc. announced that its subsidiary, PowerSecure Inc., has been awarded another distributed generation project.

�This project continues to validate the model on which our distributed generation business has been built,� said Sidney Hinton, president and CEO of PowerSecure. �Moreover, this project — which brings to approximately $5 million the total value of projects awarded this year — further validates PowerSecure’s potential to become a significant contributor to Metretek’s overall business.�

Distributed generation involves the design and construction of electric generation equipment and controls directly within a commercial or industrial customer’s facility.

The onsite equipment provides the customer’s plant with supplemental and backup power generation capacity, and, in many cases, may also provide the customer with stable power quality and a real-time means by which to mitigate electricity price spikes such as those currently being seen across the country. The project announced today is expected to be completed early in the third quarter of 2001.

Metretek Technologies Inc. through its subsidiaries — PowerSpring Inc.; PowerSecure Inc.; Metretek Incorporated; and Southern Flow Companies Inc. — is a diversified provider of energy technology products, services and data management systems to industrial and commercial users and suppliers of natural gas and electricity.

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