User Configurable CEMs Software Eases Upgrade

Issue 2 and Volume 105.

Power plants and waste-to-energy facilities are subject to stringent stack monitoring and reporting requirements under 40 CFR 75 and 40 CFR 60, respectively. 40 CFR 75 applies to power generating facilities producing at least 250 MMBtu/hr, while 40 CFR 60 applies to smaller power generators, cogenerators and the process industries. Under close state and federal scrutiny, these plants run the risk of being shut down if they do not have a properly functioning stack monitoring and reporting system in place. Many companies, therefore, take great care in upgrading or improving their CEMs (continuous emissions monitoring systems), even at a single plant.

Ogden Energy has adopted a solution at 25 of its waste-to-energy facilities that eliminates much of this risk. Trace Environmental Systems provided more than 100 copies of its DAS 2000 CEMs software for installation in complex, networked arrangements across Ogden’s 25 WTE facilities, replacing an older DAS package. By selecting the user configurable DAS 2000 software system, Ogden was able to maintain control over the implementation and scheduling of the CEMs upgrade. Ogden personnel integrated and configured the systems themselves; Trace simply provided the software on CDs.

One of the reported drawbacks in the CEMs market is the lack of technical support and the availability of vendor personnel. DAS 2000 reduces reliance upon vendor lead times and personnel availability. Configuration is shorter and easier because there is no programming involved. The entire set-up is a point and click approach. This entails everything from the facility and administrative information, to the particular analyzers and ranges, to the type of alarming and reporting that is required.

DAS 2000 can be private labeled, and drivers exist for Allen Bradley and GE PLCs as well as for data loggers. “As CEMS integrators and end users become acquainted with DAS 2000, they see the power in its reliability and ease of use,” says Jim Toolen, Trace manager of sales. “They recognize that they can configure a Part 60 system within a day and a Part 75 system in 3-4 days. This approach allows them to keep configuration costs in-house and also gives them total control on project scheduling because we can ship DAS 2000 within days of an order.”