Helios Energy adds new directors

LEROY, N.Y., Jan. 25, 2001 (PRNewswire) — Two new members have been elected to the Board of Directors of Helios Energy Technologies, Inc.(HEETech).

Dr. Mounir Ibrahim, Ph.D., P.E. and Mr. Alexander Martens were elected by the company’s Board of Directors at a meeting on January 19. These appointments increase HEETech’s Board to seven members.

Alexander Martens became a Consultant in Technology in 1983 after leaving Bausch & Lomb, Inc. of Rochester, New York, where he was employed for 23 years as Vice President of R&D and VP of a strategic business unit in the Instrument Group. He has advanced degrees in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Breslau in Germany and a minor in biophysics from the University of Rochester.

Martens has considerable experience in managing high technology businesses and is highly proficient in various fields of science. He is the owner of several patents and has taught courses in R&D management at Rochester Institute of Technology as an adjunct professor. Martens is Executive Director of the Upstate New York division of NASA’s Center for Technology Transfer. See

Ibrahim received his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at Bradford University, Bradford UK and a Bachelor of Science at Cairo University in Egypt. Ibrahim is a recognized expert in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and combustion. He is an active member of the International Gas Turbine Institute, ASME, AIAA, ASGE & SPE and has authored or co-authored numerous technical papers covering topics such as combined cycles for power generation, alternative fluid cycles and fuel nozzle design for gas turbine combustors. Ibrahim is currently Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Fenn College of Engineering, Cleveland State University where he’s earned over $2 million in external funding from agencies such as GRI, DOE, NASA and various local industries. See

HEETech is engaged in the development and manufacture of proprietary processes and equipment for power generation, refrigeration and desalination. HEETech’s technologies are designed to provide significant efficiency gains over conventional cycle configurations which, when fully implemented, can save the industry many millions of dollars annually. Their patented systems have applications covering a broad cross-section of the power business including innovations for the customary fossil fired steam station, nuclear, the combustion turbine and combined cycle plant.

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