Henwood releases its new ERCOT 20-year power market forecast

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Dec. 5, 2000 (PRNewswire) — Henwood Consulting announced today the release of “ERCOT at the Crossroads: Changing Market Realities,” part of its comprehensive ERCOT Power Market advisory service.

The document is a thorough analysis and 20-year market forecast for the ERCOT NERC Power Market. The release marks the second in a series, following Henwood’s extremely successful WSCC analysis, “The Race to Build Power Generation in the WSCC.”

“The restructuring issues facing the ERCOT market are a substantial challenge for both established players and new entrants. Add to that the growing list of proposed merchant power plants in excess of 9,000 MW which threaten to overshoot near-term reserve requirements, and it is clearly apparent why every ERCOT market participant needs the most up to date analysis of changing market fundamentals,” explained Gary L. Hunt, Managing Director, Henwood Consulting.

“We’ve incorporated Henwood’s state-of-the-art market analysis software, regional market data and expertise to provide a long term forecast of expected prices under alternative scenarios. The results provide an unparalleled platform for generation asset portfolio and investment analysis, risk strategy analysis, and portfolio optimization, all supported by Henwood’s 15 years of experience assessing market fundamentals in ERCOT and across North America.

“In addition, Henwood’s new e-Business products, NextGen (detailing proposed generation asset additions and their impact on the ERCOT Market) and GenReporter (detailing hourly operational data for generation plants) complement the analysis with two of the most unique and innovative online products available to the energy industry.”

The Henwood ERCOT market advisory service features a 20-year power market reference case to 2022 with a robust forecast of expected prices across 11 market areas and four key ERCOT markets updated every 6 months. Henwood also hosts regional power market workshops and briefings for members of its ERCOT advisory service twice yearly in conjunction with the release of each new regional forecast and market analysis update.

The Henwood ERCOT strategic advisory service is available immediately, and the report can be delivered over the Internet at www.hesinet.com. In addition, Henwood can customize its ERCOT regional model and analysis to include individual market scenarios and expected price sensitivities to fit particular market strategies at an additional cost.

About Henwood
Henwood is an energy technology and consulting firm offering integrated software solutions, strategic consulting, and innovative e-business products to meet the challenges of restructured energy market throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, including partnerships with nine of the ten top energy companies in North America and more than 140 major energy players, energy services providers, and power marketers worldwide. For more information about Henwood Consulting’s ERCOT Power Market Advisory Service, please visit www.hesinet.com.