Sustainable gets 25 new patents distributed power generation

Oct. 29, 2000 (IndustrySuppliers.com)—The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has allowed Sustainable Energy Technologies to claim patents for all its 25 applications covering key proprietary technologies used in its integrated power management and Power conversion systems.

Sustainable Energy has recently received a patent for an innovative technology dealing with the conversion of dc current to ac current. The earlier patent was for an innovative technology, which has been built on the United States Department of Defence’s “Star Wars” Program concepts, relating to the consolidation and conversion of multiple dc current inputs. The technology was licensed from Battelle Memorial Institute, which is the largest private research organization in the United States.

With its most recent patented technologies, the company is better equipped to improve the working of its power management and power conversion systems. It can now effortlessly integrate power inputs from multiple sources through enhanced power input control and provide highly reliable, very high quality alternating current power, the form of power currently highest in demand. These technologies also guarantee uninterrupted power from a single power source when other sources are shut down for scheduled maintenance or due to technical faults.

The demand for high reliability power supply is on the increase with the increased global use of microprocessors and the Internet. In the US, 13 per cent of the electricity produced is now used by microprocessors and the Internet industry. When it comes to serving this section of the industry, utility grids have been found wanting. This sector is showing a phenomenal growth rate and it is expected that the power consumption will also rise just as fast to grow up to about 50 per cent by 2010. This factor has powered the growth of smaller “distributed” power systems, including stationary fuel cell systems. These systems have two or more power generation and storage technologies operating together to provide the reliability and quality that is demanded by high-tech organizations.

Sustainable Energy has embarked on creating strategic alliances with leading companies in the distributed generation markets. This will not only create a market for its products but also help in designing and developing new products based on its patented technologies. The company supplies unique power management and power conditioning Solution to manufacturers of stationary fuel cell systems during the product development stage. It is hopeful that this will help it to fortify its position in the fuel cell market. It already has signed agreements with six fuel cell system producers in this regard. An award of patents by the US Patent Office for the rest of its technologies would help Sustainable realize its ambitions.

The Calgary, Canada based Sustainable Energy is a public corporation striving towards leadership in the areas of power management and conditioning for alternative energy technologies such as fuel cells and micro gas turbines, power source integration and power conditioning for premium power markets in North America and Europe and for emerging distributed generation markets in South America and Asia. It is also trying to bring in renewable energy resources in both grid-connected and grid-independent applications markets.

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