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SRP plant will get $30M worth of emission control systems


Oct. 25, 2000 (The Arizona Republic)—Salt River Project will begin installing Friday $30 million worth of emission-control equipment at Gilbert’s Santan Generation Station while neighbors and the utility battle over the plant’s expansion.

The equipment is designed to remove ozone-creating nitrogen oxide emissions and is designed to offset air-quality impacts associated with the plant’s planned expansion, utility spokesman Scott Harelson said.

SRP’s announcement Tuesday came less than 24 hours before today’s public meeting of the Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee, which will recommend Corporation Commission approval or denial of the proposed plant expansion.

The issue has been a controversial one, and more than a dozen Gilbert residents have organized as “interveners” against the expansion.

Harelson said the emission control modifications were approved by SRP officials in March before organized protests of the plant expansion surfaced. They will be completed by June 2001 and will remain even if the expansion is denied, he said.

Emissions are a big issue for expansion opponents, as are construction of three 150-foot smokestacks at the Val Vista Drive and Warner Road site.

The expansion is scheduled to be completed by 2005 if approved. It will convert the current 300-megawatt facility to an 825-megawatt one designed to provide electricity to 200,000 homes.

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