APS, STMicroelectronics dedicate industrial site solar plant

PHOENIX, Oct. 6, 2000—An important partnership between business, technology and the environment has come to Arizona in the form of a commercial solar power plant at a Phoenix industrial facility — the first partnership of its kind in the state.

STMicroelectronics Inc. (ST) has installed a 20-kilowatt rooftop solar plant at its local facility in northeast Phoenix. The solar panels were installed in partnership with APS as part of APS’ Solar Partners Program. APS, Arizona’s largest electricity provider, has long been recognized as a leader in solar technology research and development.

The new facility was placed into commercial use in late July. ST will purchase all the energy generated by the solar installation directly from APS. The balance of its electricity needs will be purchased in the traditional manner — off the electrical grid from APS.

Normally, under APS’ Solar Partners Program, electricity generated by solar plants is fed directly into the electrical grid system that serves all APS customers.

“This is a milestone for APS and for STMicroelectronics,” said Ed Fox, APS vice president of environment, safety and communications. “This installation marks the first industrial solar application in Arizona and mirrors the strong environmental philosophies of both companies.”

ST has a long history as an environmentally conscious leader in its industry as evidenced by its environmental decalogue, which spells out the company’s environmental goals. As part of these efforts, STMicroelectronics and APS are in discussions to add even more solar generation to its facility.

Dick Pieranunzi, president and CEO of STMicroelectronics said, “ST has reached a leadership position on the road to environmental neutrality and this has been achieved at no cost to our bottom line. In this case, green is black.”