ABB has successfully commissioned the world’s largest power quality system

ISRAEL, Oct. 2, 2000—Two Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) systems, each single unit is rated for a 22.5 MVA load and thus by far the most powerful devices of its kind in the world, have been commissioned and put into operational service in Israel.

The DVR protect a new chip wafer factory operated by a well renowned microprocessor manufacturer by actively compensating dips in the supply voltage, which otherwise would trip the whole plant and render millions of dollars worth in production useless.

The extremely fast reacting systems (response time less than one millisecond) are capable of neutralizing dip magnitudes of 35% and 50% three-phase and single-phase, respectively, and for a duration of up to 500 milliseconds. Until recently, the largest DVRs in the world had a rating of no more than 6 MVA per unit.

With the use of the IGCT (Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor) larger units are now feasible with even enhanced performance and reliability.

The ABB Power Electronics Systems project team managed to get the system designed, manufactured, tested and commissioned within a record time of 9 months only, part of that due to the extensive reuse of platforms yet employed with other frequency converter applications already.

The whole project was executed as a consortium of ABB Industrie AG in Baden and ABB High Voltage Technologies Ltd. in Zurich, both subsidiaries of ABB Switzerland, and came to a full success not at least because of the excellent personal communications between all parties including the customer’s engineers.

The achieved technical milestone encourages confidence in ABB’s future business with large Power Quality applications, since these DVRs prove an effective yet economic solution for industries having voltage sensitive manufacturing processes.