GE signs long-term service agreements with Southern Company totaling $575 million

ATLANTA, Sept. 28, 2000 — GE Power Systems has received multi-year service contracts from the Southern Company totaling $575 million, covering combined-cycle power plants being built by affiliates of the Southern Company in the southeastern U.S.

The GE long-term service agreements (LTSAs) support GE 7FA gas turbine-generators, GE D11 steam turbines, Mark V SPEEDTRONIC control systems and auxiliary equipment. Orders or commitments to supply the new equipment have been secured by GE over the past year.

The GE combined-cycle systems will be located at the Wansley Power Station in Roopville, Ga, the Goat Rock Power Station in Smith, Ala., and at several other sites yet to be announced. Commercial operation dates of the projects are staggered between 2001 and 2004.

In 1998-99, GE signed other LTSAs with Southern Company valued at $450 million and covering five power plants. The new orders bring Southern Company’s total commitment for LTSAs with GE to more than $1 billion.

These contracts are based on the concept of shared goals, with Southern Company and GE equally committed to the continuous improvement of plant performance over the life of the contracts. “These agreements illustrate that power producers in today’s competitive market are seeking long-term service relationships with companies that can help them extract the greatest sustained efficiency and reliability from their power plants,” said Michael Kalmes, general manager of contractual services for Atlanta-based GE Energy Services, a unit of GE Power Systems.

Currently, GE Energy Services has a portfolio of more than $11 billion in commitments for LTSAs and operating and maintenance agreements covering power plants around the world.