CCEC Unveils the Revolutionary Capstone MicroTurbine

FARGO, N.D.-Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC) officials have introduced a powerful new technology to North Dakota, the Capstone MicroTurbine. CCEC is the first power company in North Dakota to install the MicroTurbine, which is a revolutionary 30 kW stand-alone generator. It has been installed at Holiday Inn of Fargo and will be utilized by the hotel as a secondary source of power for water heating.

The Capstone MicroTurbine is an ultra-low-emission, high-reliability system about the size of a refrigerator that generates enough to power a small business. It is based on the same technology as a jet engine-but integrates patented air bearing and proprietary software with state-of-the-art electronics. The result: a versatile, reliable, environmentally beneficial solution for power generation that is virtually maintenance-free. And having successfully completed more than 300,000 hours of rigorous testing and commercial operation in a wide range of applications and geographic environments, it is a proven technological success.

Cass County Electric has scheduled a commissioning ceremony for the MicroTurbine on August 23 at the Holiday Inn of Fargo. Mark Hanson, CCEC’s business account executive, will introduce the new technology and its application for the Holiday Inn. Doug Anselmin, general manager of the Holiday Inn of Fargo, will follow Hanson’s presentation with his comments on how the new technology is positively affecting the hotel’s operations.

CCEC officials have introduced North Dakota to this new technology in recognition of a changing electric industry. Distributed generation is a paradigm shift in the United States from an infrastructure of only large centralized plants to more on-site generation. And, according to Mark Hanson, when it comes to distributed generation, nothing compares to the Capstone MicroTurbine system.

“The UL-Listed Capstone MicroTurbine is the optimal small-scale generator, suitable for applications ranging from remote locations to city centers. It’s today’s best investment for clean, reliable, on-site power generation,” Hanson said.