Issue 6 and Volume 104.

Stator Core Fault Detection

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Adwel has introduced the MCT 2 motor core tester, a second generation stator core fault detection instrument that provides quick, accurate, safe testing for stator lamination faults in motors and generators. The MCT 2 performs a non-destructive test for both fault detection and to check for the effectiveness of repairs. It is ideally suited for motor repair and its portable design facilitates on-site testing.

Non-Metallic Expansion Joint

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The Air Clean Damper Division of Mestek Inc. has expanded their product line to include high-quality non-metallic expansion joints. The expansion joints are available in a full range of elastomeric and composite joint materials. Each expansion joint is designed to meet specified temperature and chemical environmental conditions.

Coupling Bolt Training System

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Pilgrim International has developed the ABACUS training unit that enables technicians to undergo pre-outage training in the use of special equipment including radial fit coupling bolts. ABACUS is a full-size system manufactured to replicate individual power station coupling bolt specification and tooling. Installation and removal techniques can be simulated wit the system.

Industrial Topcoat

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Sherwin-Williams’AQUACLAD water-based alkyd topcoat offers the storage and safety advantages of a waterborne coating coupled with outstanding exterior performance properties. The low-VOC, HAPS-free and low-odor topcoat is non-flammable, environmentally friendly and cleans up with water. AQUACLAD is easy to apply to structural steel, galvanized metal, aluminum and masonry, and is resistant to flash rust, early rust and early moisture.

SCR Brochure

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A new brochure from Huntington Environmental Systems profiles the Mono-NOx selective catalytic reduction system, detailing the system’s cost-effective features and wide range of industry applications. The same reactor design can control inlet NOx concentrations from 25 to 5,000 ppm, with inlet temperatures from 400 to 1,100 F. The monolithic catalyst bed design facilitates uniform gas distribution and minimizes catalyst fouling problems. Full or partial factory assembly ensures construction quality and speeds field installation.

Baghouse Controller

The B-PAC 100 Series of baghouse controllers from FilterSense integrate filter cleaning, pressure gauging, filter leak detection, auxiliary diagnostic sensing such as fan amps or air flow, and a range of I/Os into a single easy-to-use device. Filter cleaning features IntelliPULSE technology to reduce compressed air use. Diagnostics include the ability to instantly locate failed solenoids, ruptured diaphragms and filter leaks.

Gas Analyzer

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Servomex’s new Xentra 4900C emissions analyzer is capable of continuously monitoring carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen in a flue gas stream with just one 19-inch 3U rack-mounted instrument. Up to four different gases can be measured simultaneously within one analyzer. The Xentra 4900C comes with standard auto calibration, enhanced NAMUR-compliant diagnostics, and fault messaging.