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Issue 4 and Volume 104.

Mass Flow Technology

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The K-Bar 2000 multi-point insertion sensor incorporates the newest Kurz thermal convection mass flow technology. This includes a powerful microprocessor and sensor bridge circuit that measures both the gas velocity and the gas temperature using only the two sensor elements on the Fast Dual MetalClad sensor.

Deaerator Handbook

The sixth edition of the Standards and Typical Specifications for Deaerators is now available from the Heat Exchange Institute. The standard furnishes practical information on the design of deaerators and serves as a guide to individuals who design, purchase and specify deaerators.

Nuclear Globe Valves

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Atwood & Morrill Co., Inc., announces a new line of forged steel globe valves for applications in nuclear power plants requiring the “N” stamp. The program is the result of a special agreement between A&M and Conval Inc. that allows A&M to manufacture and stamp the Conval Clampseal design for nuclear applications. A&M will offer a full range of globe valves including wye, tee and angle patterns in sizes 1/2 inch to 4 inches and ASME pressure classes up to 2,500.

Magnetic Flowmeter

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The Metron Technology MT-PIT Series of magnetic flowmeters measures liquid flows in line sizes 1 inch to 120 inches or more. The standard meter is flange-mounted on the side of the pipe; optional configurations allow installation and removal without shutdown. The electronic converter offers a standard 4 to 20 mA signal. Options include rate and total displays, scaled pulse output, min/max alarms, RS232/485 and field selectable DC pulse rate.

Pressure Transducer

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The series 6000 digital pressure transducer from Mensor is a low-cost, high-accuracy pressure measurement transducer that uses RS-232 or RS-485 serial interfaces. Housed in a durable stainless steel enclosure, the Series 6000 can monitor pressure ranges from 0-1 psi to 6,000 psi. The transducer achieves 0.020 percent FS over a compensated temperature range of 32-120 F.

Heating Pads

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Kim Hotstart Mfg. Co. has introduced silicone hot pads for engine oil pans, diesel fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, water tanks and solenoid valve freeze protection. The pads are applied using pressure-sensitive adhesive and feature an etched foil heating element that provides optimal heat transfer and long life. Three sizes and four wattages are available at 120 and 240 V.

Generator Protection System

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Meg-Alert has introduced a 480 V version of Gen Guard, a generator testing and protection system designed to monitor and protect against winding insulation breakdown in the electrical side of engine/generator sets. If an abnormal condition is detected, the generator can be locked out, or a warning signal sent, indicating that the generator needs attention.

Conductivity Electrodes

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Sensorex is now offering a line of stainless steel conductivity sensors ideally suited for boiler and other high-temperature conductivity applications. Two models with 3/4-inch threaded bodies provide the user a choice of insertion depths for in-line mounting. All models can be equipped with optional automatic temperature compensation. The pressure/temperature rating maximum is 250 psig at 400 F.