Air Pollution Control Equipment Services, Emissions

EPRI Sets Technology Initiatives

Issue 4 and Volume 104.

EPRI has announced three new Strategic Science & Technology initiatives to help achieve the key destinations defined in its Electricity Technology Roadmap.

The Advanced Coal Initiative is intended to help resolve the energy/carbon conflict and manage the global sustainability challenge. Efforts will focus on development of ultralow-NOx combustion processes to optimize energy conversion efficiency while minimizing operational impacts; conceptual design of cost-competitive, ultrahigh-efficiency gasification plants with near-zero CO2 emissions; and investigation of environmental control technologies and combustion processes for cost-effective NOx, SOx and air toxic reductions.

The second initiative focuses on design of new retail products, focusing on customer-managed service networks with a goal of boosting their economic productivity and prosperity. A consumer research approach will be applied to guide development and launch of energy-related products and services that integrate advanced technology with targeted pricing strategies to fulfill consumer needs within specific market niches.

The third initiative, dubbed the Grid-Connected Hybrid Vehicle Initiative, is intended to build on the EPRI’s Transportation Initiative, which was completed in 1999. That initiative helped advance battery technology for electric and hybrid vehicle applications. The new initiative’s analyses of costs, fuel economy, emissions performance, customer acceptance, commercialization, and other issues for hybrid systems and components will assist development of market-ready vehicles offering global energy efficiency and environmental benefits.