Issue 2 and Volume 104.

Point of Application Filter

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The Ralph A. Hiller Co. has announced the availability of a point of application filter designed specifically for use on air operated valves in nuclear power plants. Filtration performance exceeds the requirements of solenoid valves. Featuring seamless stainless steel construction, the filter can accommodate pressures up to 600 psig and temperatures up to 350 F.

Project Management Software

Grantlun Corp.’s Hard Dollar Bid*Build Metasystem provides estimators, equipment coordinators, project managers, engineers, superintendents and foremen the information network necessary to effectively manage construction projects. The system incorporates a navigation system that literally walks users through the entire construction management process, from advertisement through close-out. The system links with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for document processing, and imports and exports payroll and cost accounting data with virtually any accounting system.

Positive Displacement Blowers

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The Spencer Turbine Co. has introduced a new line of positive displacement blowers offering quieter operation with smoother air delivery than typical PD blowers. The Robuschi LowPulse blowers utilize three lobes to reduce variations in flow and pressure and the accompanying noise. Performance limits are 14,000 scfm volume, 15 psig, and 15″ Hg vacuum.

Remote Control System

Shikoku Electric Power Company Inc.’s advanced OpenPLANET system provides remote monitoring and control for virtually any electric device or machine. The system seamlessly integrates information and control systems, and will be useful to the utility industry for a number of applications, including demand side management, remote site operation and remote power disconnect/reconnect.

Handheld Data Collector

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Entek’s Windows CE-based enpac handheld data collector allows accurate, high-speed data collection both on and off-route for easy machine conditioning monitoring. The enpac utilizes the latest advances in analog and digital electronics, including digital signal processing and a 20-bit A/D converter for speed and accuracy. Physical dimensions are 7.25 inches by 5.25 inches, with a weight of only 1.5 lb.

Condensate Purification

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A new 18-page technical information brochure on condensate purification is available from Purolite for users of ion resins. The brochure covers subjects such as why condensate purification is important, factors affecting the performance of condensate purification plants, typical water quality required for power generating plants, typical flow rates, regeneration procedures and conditions, and filtration.

Heat Exchangers

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C100 heat exchangers from ITT Standard feature an external packed floating head to allow differential thermal expansion between the shell and tubes. A large entrance area is designed for easy maintenance of the removable tube bundle. The C100 line is available in 1-, 2-, 4- or 6-pass models.

Temperature Calibration

Burns Engineering has matched its Model 12001 Secondary Temperature Standard with proven calibration readout equipment. Burns’ high-accuracy thermometer Model 12001 is calibrated

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at -196 C, -38 C, 0 C, 200 C and 420 C, and provides a NIST-traceable certificate. Compatible with many analog and digital readout devices, the Model 12001 is accurate to +/-0.02 C up to 200 C.

Hydraulic Motors

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Linde’s HMF02 series of high-pressure hydraulic motors features the revolutionary 02-rotating group that provides performance levels equal to or better than comparably sized bent axis designs. The compact design and higher power density enable engineers to specify a more compact hydraulic package or upgrade to larger components with increased performance.

Plasma Cutting System

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Hypertherm’s new Powermax600 portable air plasma cutting system features a patent-pending coaxial assist jet design that enhances cutting speeds and cut quality. The system’s recommended thickness capacity is 3/8 inch, with a maximum thickness capacity of 5/8 inches and a severance capacity of 7/8 inches.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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TTI’s Portaflow-X ultrasonic flowmeter can be used with a variety of clamp-on detectors to pipes of both large and small diameters, at a temperature range of -40 to 390 F. The unit weighs just 3.3 lb and uses a rechargeable NiCad battery that provides five hours of continuous operation. A serial communications interface permits easy data transfer and a separate memory function can store up to 20 sets of site parameters.

Machine Condition Monitor

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Metrix Instrument has introduced a trending and data archiving option to its new GM7000 protection monitor. This monitor displays up to 16 channels of vibration, shaft position, temperature, RPM or 4-20 mA inputs with individually adjustable alarm and shutdown setpoints for each channel. The 4-inch by 5-inch display simultaneously presents bar graphs, alarm points, numeric data and individual channel trends.

Natural Gas Dryers

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Natural gas dryers from Van Air Systems Inc. are designed to remove moisture vapor and condensed liquids from pipelines and before points of pressure reduction. Benefits include preventing costly freeze-ups that can completely block gas flow and protecting instruments and equipment against problems such as fouling and corrosion.

Valve Actuator

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The Series 1000 electro-mechanical actuator from Young & Franklin provides precise (0.1%) valve positioning for natural gas fuel control valves and is interchangeable with the 8580 series of hydraulic actuators. A brushless DC motor with resolver feedback enables the actuator to deliver 1,240 lb of seating force at a slew rate of 250 msec. Operating voltage is 90 to 140 VDC, and the temperature range is -50 to 220 F.

Remote Video Camera

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A new video camera from L.J. Star can be mounted onto virtually any existing sight port. The camera is available in black-and-white or color versions, with resolutions up to 450 TV lines. Lenses are available.

in six focal lengths, from 2.9 mm to 16.0 mm, and the unit weighs only 4 lb. The housing is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and is dust and watertight.