Literature Showcase

Issue 2 and Volume 104.

Recorder & DAQ Handbook

Eurotherm Chessell’s new product and application handbook covers the full

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range of paper chart, graphic recorders and data acquisition systems. It features easy to use selection charts and detailed product information, as well as, application notes to help you make the most of your process

monitoring and recording. CALL for your FREE Recorder & DAQ handbook today!

Eurotherm Chessell, (800)801-5099,, [email protected]

  • It’s an injection system nightmare
  • Adds tons of solid matter to waste streams
  • Only marginally effective
  • Keeps you fighting Opacity NOx and SO3


Let Bell move you into the 21st Century with products for the new millennium

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1340 Bennett Drive, Longwood, FL 32750, 407-831-5021

email: [email protected]

Des-Case Corporation

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Des-Case Corporation, the pioneer in desiccant breather technology, provides a full line of breathers & bulk silica gel for power applications. Designed for contamination control on transformers electrical boxes, low voltage tap changers, gearboxes, circuit breakers & other hydraulic systems, Des-Case products offer many benefits over standard breather caps. These include reducing equipment wear on accumulators & keeping dielectric oil clean & dry. This translates into lower maintenance costs, maximum performance & longer life.

Des-Case Corporation, 3045 Union Road, P.O. Box 1159, White House, TN 37188, (615) 672-8800, Fax (615) 672-0701,

Surface Weather Instruments

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Vaisala’s new catalog is an easy-to-read source of information for high precision Surface Weather Instruments and Accessories. The catalog includes wind sensors and displays, temperature/humidity probes, pressure sensors, precipitation sensors, data collectors, integrated weather stations and more. VAISALA, INC. Phone: (888) VAISALA, fax: (781) 933-8029, e-mail: [email protected]

Self-Leveling Epoxy Coating For Repairing Or Protecting Concrete

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SL 1300 two-component epoxy coating is ideal for resurfacing, sealing, and protecting concrete floors. Its low-viscosity, self-leveling formulation achieves complete contact with prepared surfaces. 100% solids, SL 1300 can be easily by roller or squeegee with virtually no fumes or odors. It cures rapidly to an extremely hard-wearing and durable surface.

For more information, contact: Jeff Stewart, Market Development Manager, ITW Devcon Engineered Coatings, 30 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923, TEL: (978) 777-1100, FAX: (978) 774-0516,