Issue 2 and Volume 104.

Since 1888 …. The Highest Standards

In 1888 the founders of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA) recognized that a commitment to the highest standards of excellence was necessary if the industry were to survive and prosper. After 112 years-during which time the boiler industry and its Association have weathered unprecedented challenges and opportunities-time, experience and a continuing commitment to the highest standards of excellence have forged a streamlined ABMA, better equipped and better positioned than ever before to help the industry grow and prosper well into its second century.

Over the last century, the boiler industry has been at the forefront of many innovative and meaningful technological advances. During this same period, ABMA’s efforts focused on the creation and broad acceptance of construction- and safety-related boiler codes and standards. But the erratic world in which business operates today demands more … as society has evolved, the Association’s interests have expanded to include government regulation of energy production, of the environment, of trade, human resource management and manufacturing operational concerns, to name only a few. To meet the needs of its members and the customers they serve, ABMA has periodically transformed itself to better use the established expertise of its membership, professional staff and developing technology to insure the industry’s needs are met in a timely and reliable way.

At a time when information truly is power, ABMA seeks to bring its membership together with the information they must have today. Using today’s technology, ABMA is a resource that companies large and small can call on to help them navigate today’s otherwise unpredictable and unforgiving internationally-based business climate … to help them understand and influence actions that affect the way they do business … to put them in touch with the answers to today’s complex questions.

While still unyielding in its commitment to high standards of excellence-which remains its century-old foundation-ABMA strives to be organizationally flexible and creative in a high-tech world to provide a framework in which its member companies can address and resolve their collective marketing, technical, regulatory, legislative, and operational concerns and objectives.

And, as it was a century ago, the key leaders of the boiler industry still constitute the American Boiler Manufacturers Association network, lending their collective expertise and vision to programs and policies designed to promote and support steam and hot water, which is as vital today as it was over a hundred years ago to American and worldwide prosperity.

American Boiler Manufacturers Association
950 North Glebe Road – Suite 160
Arlington, Virginia 22203-1824
703/522-7350 FAX 703/522-2665
On the Web: www.abma.com

Boiler Technologies

In boilers, ABB Alstom Power is a world-leading supplier of equipment, systems and services with more than 3500 boilers installed throughout the world.

The company’s extensive range of boiler technologies includes:

  • Drum-type natural or Controlled CirculationRegistered boilers
  • Advanced once-through sub- or supercritical boilers
  • Fluidized bed boilers
  • Industrial boilers

Drum-Type Boilers

We offer a complete range of drum-type boilers up to 1000 MW. Our large drum-type boilers can be designed to operate at natural or Controlled CirculationRegistered boilers. These units are typically designed with tangential firing systems that produce low NOx emissions.

Once-Through Boilers

A world leader in large once-through sub- and supercritical boilers, characterized by:

  • High availability
  • Ease of operation
  • Good load changing behavior
  • Suitability for sliding pressure operation
  • High efficiency

Fluid Bed Combustion Boilers

ABB Alstom Power provides a complete range of fluidized bed technologies including:

  • Circulating fluid bed
  • Hybrid circulation
  • Pressurized fluid bed

Extensive Fuel Experience

ABB Alstom Power provides reliable and cost-effective technologies to burn virtually all types of fuel.

  • Oil and gas
  • Bituminous coal
  • Anthracite
  • Lignite
  • Pet coke, oil refinery waste
  • Industrial by-products
  • Biomass

Heat Recovery Steam Generators

In response to the increasing combined cycle power plant market, ABB Alstom Power has extensively developed its resources for HRSGs.

We can provide HRSGs for applications ranging from small industrial projects to the largest units for advanced gas turbine combined cycle plants.

Technology and Service Solutions

Our expertise enables us to offer more comprehensive services and solutions to comply with the specific requirements of customers, local regulations, energy and environmental policy.

  • Emission reduction technologies
  • Engineered performance retrofits
  • Engineering studies
  • Inspection services
  • Direct replacement parts
  • Inventory management programs
  • Maintenance construction

Auxiliary Boiler Products

To support our array of boiler technologies, ABB Alstom Power offers auxiliary products that include:

  • Milling and firing systems
  • Air heaters
  • Heat exchange equipment
  • Petrochemical and process equipment

Product Innovations

ABB Alstom Power fully understands the importance of developing new technologies. We are committed to our investment in research and development of advanced technologies.

For information, please contact us at:
[email protected]

Dedicated to the Success of our Customers!

Dedicated to the continuous success of our customers, Aalborg Industries is focused on creatively meeting customer needs and demonstrating excellent project execution. The reason is simple – if we can generate success for our customers, we will, ourselves, become a success.


Aalborg Industries has unparalleled ability to combine engineering design, global sourcing, field constructability, and project execution into a winning package that meets our customers’ demanding cost and schedule requirements. Our ability to meet these requirements is due to taking distinct priority in:

  • Offering our customers the lowest evaluated equipment costs with the highest added value content
  • Exceeding our customers’ project expectations and enhancing contract performance through our demonstrated superior project execution
  • Minimizing our customers’ risks through Project Risk Management from design through commissioning
  • Procuring and delivering quality products and services at competitive prices through our Global Strategic Outsourcing Program
  • Continuously improving our customer value and competitiveness in the markets that we serve


Aalborg Industries, Inc. is a part of a global group of companies engaged in energy, steam and heat generation for land-based and maritime applications. With operations in Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and North America, the company’s expertise lies within boiler and combustion technologies.


Aalborg Industries, Erie, Pennsylvania, designs and supplies a wide range of steam generation solutions with capabilities in:

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators for gas turbine, diesel, and process applications
  • D-Type, O-Type, and Two-Drum Gas/Oil Fired Boilers
  • Aftermarket Replacement Components and Engineering Services


Our customer dedication goes beyond providing and installing new plants. Our dedication follows our products through their entire lifetime. Quick and reliable aftermarket service is never further away than the nearest Aalborg Industries office. Aftermarket Service is a vital part of all Aalborg Industries companies – always prepared to ensure optimum operation as quickly as possible.


Your success drives our business, and we thank all our customers who have entrusted us with their need for energy solutions. Aalborg Industries expects to be recognized as a leader in the power industry and as a good business partner by the customers we serve. We look forward to continuing to help our existing customers succeed, and we hope in the future to develop new alliances with new customers and to have the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to their success, too.

Recent Sales Activity

Cogentrix Energy, Inc.

One Pioneertrademark GT8 HRSG behind GE 7FA combustion turbines

Rathdrum, Idaho

Three Pioneertrademark GT8 HRSGs behind GE 7FA combustion turbines

Jenks, Oklahoma

Duke/Fluor Daniel

Four Pioneertrademark GT8 HRSGs behind GE 7FA combustion turbines

Odessa, Texas

Alstom Energy

Two Pioneertrademark GT8 HRSGs behind Alstom 9E combustion turbines

Tunis, Tunisia

Duke/Fluor Daniel

Two Pioneertrademark GT8 HRSGs behind GE 7FA combustion turbines

Whiting, Indiana

Kissimmee Utility Authority

One Pioneertrademark GT8 HRSG behind GE 7FA combustion turbines

Kissimmee, Florida

J. A. Jones

Two Pioneertrademark GT8 HRSGs behind GE LM2500 combustion turbines

Hamakua, Hawaii

Boiler Tube Company of America

Corporate Profile

Boiler Tube Company of America is the oldest and largest non-OEM equipment manufacturer of boiler replacement parts and components in the United States.

Founded in 1918 in Pittsburgh, PA, BTA’s reputation for quality products, responsive service and expert technical support has become legendary among electric utilities, pulp and paper plants, petroleum plants and general manufacturers.

During our long history, BTA has designed fabricated and installed replacement pressure parts and components for boilers throughout North and South America.

Today, we not only supply like-kind replacement pressure parts, but we offer engineered solutions that can add life and actually improve the performance of your boiler.

We are a member of Balcke-Durr Thermal Engineering – a worldwide company involved with boiler components, cooling towers and chimneys, heat exchangers, construction, and maintenance. As such, we have access to BDT’s thermal experience and financial resources, which allows us to efficiently perform projects that are both complex and significant in size.

Our products include:

  • Economizers
  • Superheaters-alloy and stainless
  • Reheaters
  • Wall Panels-submerged arc and studded
  • HRSG’s
  • Headers
  • Loose tubes-generating, screen and repair section
  • Sootblower parts
  • Weld overlay
  • Tube Shield
  • Automatic port rodders
  • Laminar flow dampers

Boiler Tube Company of America, Lyman, SC and Union, NJ. For straight tubes 1-800-345-0632. For components 1-800-845-3052. www/boilertubes.com


DB Riley is proud to be a long-standing member of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association. Since DB Riley’s founding as a stoker manufacturer 87 years ago, the company has steadily enhanced its expertise and capabilities through R&D and installed capacity. Today’s DB Riley is a full service manufacturer of steam generators, fuel firing equipment, and environmental control systems for electric utilities, independent power producers, waste-to-energy industries, merchant power operations, and a full line of large industrial applications.

DB Riley is a U.S. company with global resources, ready with products and services to meet the needs of its customers in the new century. In addition to its own technologies, DB Riley is also fortunate to offer the world-class products and technical expertise of its corporate parent, Babcock Borsig Power, a worldwide leader in energy and environmental technologies.

Babcock Borsig Power is the new corporate name which consolidates four of the most renowned International companies in the energy and environmental technologies sector. These include Babcock Kraftwerkstechnik, Steinm

The merged companies provide a wide range of equipment, including utility steam generators, fluidized bed boilers, industrial boilers, flue gas cleaning systems, and waste heat boilers. It can furnish turnkey plants for waste incineration, combined cycle plants, and industrial power generation units.

With integrated engineering and manufacturing resources and global sourcing capabilities located strategically throughout the world, DB Riley can provide quality products quickly and economically. We were the first U.S. boiler company to begin a quality management system certified to ISO 9001.

Today, one major concern of electric utilities and industry is the environmental issue. DB Riley offers a number of solutions, two of which are ProcessLinktrademark and specific key Alliances.


NeuCo’s ProcessLinktrademark is an easy-to-use, versatile, and proven system for optimizing boiler performance. It enables power generating companies to improve their competitive position by providing optimization solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize compliance costs.

ProcessLinktrademark is based on neural networks. It is an application of artificial intelligence, which is an ideal tool for addressing the many complex variables involved in operating a fossil-fired generating unit.

Neural networks extract knowledge from the operational data of a boiler, “learn” from experience, and adapt to changes in unit operation. By making use of information obtained during periods of the best unit performance by the best operators, optimal unit operations are consistently achieved by all operators. ProcessLinktrademark helps plants meet new emissions regulations and become more competitive in the deregulated energy market.

NeuCo has partnered with DB Riley to bring together industry expertise, breakthrough technology, and an uncompromising commitment to customer success.


Alliances are a partnership between an electric utility and DB Riley, usually formed to implement a system-wide NOx reduction program. Alliances are a long-term commitment, providing for follow-up support of the NOx reduction installations, for services throughout the utility’s system, and to consider and pursue other business interests that will enhance the utility’s position in the competitive marketplace.

There are so many ways to address the problem of meeting emissions standards that the traditional approaches are no longer the most economical in terms of cost or development time. In the traditional way, a utility could decide to add an SCR system, upgrade its boiler for more efficient firing, add low-NOx burners, or employ a combination of the approaches. It could work with an SCR system supplier, an AE, or search out components on its own.

Because DB Riley is a full-service OEM, we take the system approach to NOx reduction to give our Alliance customers improved boiler operation at reduced cost while complying with environmental regulations. Working with the utility, we develop a NOx compliance plan for the least cost and greatest economic advantage to the utility. The flexible, agreed-on goals allow more than one approach. An upgrading of burners, pulverizers, classifiers, or firing methods could be sufficient to reduce NOx, and an SCR unit might not be required.

Because an Alliance is based on mutual trust and consists of a team from the utility and DB Riley, it functions smoothly in a spirit of cooperation. Project issues are resolved by problem solving rather than by confrontation.

DB Riley, with the Alliance team, presents the most cost effective, environmentally compliant, and system efficient method to meet the needs of the power generating industry, now and in the new century.

Edward Vogt Valve Company
Invensys Flow Control

Edward Vogt Valve Company, an Invensys Company, is one of the world’s largest specialty valve manufacturing organizations, and home to a comprehensive range of ISO 9001-certified high pressure valves and low pressure valves, including forged and cast steel gate valves, globe valves, check valves, unions and fittings. The Edward Vogt line includes valves ranging in size from 1/4″ to 32″, and in pressure classes from 150 to 4500 (see tables below). Edward Vogt valves are used in services including drain and vent service, alkylation service, chlorine service, fail-safe main steam isolation, sour service, flow control, nuclear, cryogenic, and bellowseal and in industries including power, petro-chemical, petroleum, pulp and paper and process. Edward Vogt is also now responsible for the U.S. sales of the Gestra line of steam traps and steam solutions.

For more information on Edward Vogt, visit our website at www.edwardvogt.com, and be sure to order our free Resource CD, featuring our EvalSz interactive valve sizing program and complete digital catalogs of both the Edward and Vogt product lines.

Celebrating 75 Years
of Supplying Quality Tubular Products

Plymouth Tube Company is celebrating our seventy-fifth anniversary of providing the finest quality tubular products available. Our commitment to manufacturing boiler and pressure tubing that exceeds your expectations is the basis of our continuous growth in the industry. We are proud of our manufacturing and technical accomplishments that allow us to meet your worldwide requirements for boiler, power generation, and heat transfer applications.

Since our beginning in 1924, the industrial boiler market has been one of our most important areas of business. From our involvement with boilers throughout the world to our participation with Enrico Fermi and the first North American nuclear plant and beyond, we have been continuously dedicated to serving industrial heat transfer markets. Today our participation includes markets such as Black Liquor Boilers for the Pulp and Paper Industry, Heat Recovery Steam Generators and Super Heaters for the Utility Industry, Fire Tubes for the Package Boiler industry, and specialized products for the after-market segment around the world. A leader in the production of long length tubing, we produce some of the longest lengths in the world today.

Plymouth Tube Company’s Winamac, Indiana manufacturing facilities are North America’s only source for all three boiler tube products: Hot Finished Seamless, Cold Drawn Seamless, and Electric Resistance Welded tubing. We offer the longest lengths of seamless and welded tubing available to save you the unwanted costs of extra welds. Our Hot Finished boiler tubing is fully pickled to save you unnecessary clean-up costs in your manufacturing processes and provides your customers better heat transfer through the tube wall. We have stringent steel supplier processing controls to ensure the quality of our raw materials. Our Winamac, Indiana manufacturing plants are all ISO 9002 certified and geographically located for your convenience.

Plymouth Tube Company offers a complete line of pressure tubing products in the following specifications: ASTM A178 (grades A, C, D); A179; A192; A209 (grades T-1, T-1a, T-1b); A210 (grades A1, C); A213 (grades T2, T5, T11, T12, T22); and other international standards (DIN, JIS, BS).

ERW Size Range

OD: 0.750″ – 3.500″ (19.05 mm – 88.90 mm)

Min Wall: 0.060″ – 0.220″ m/w (1.52 mm – 5.59 mm)

Cold Drawn Seamless Size Range

OD: 0.750″ – 5.563″ (19.05 mm – 141.3 mm)

Min Wall: 0.083″ – 0.675″ m/w (2.11 mm – 17.15 mm)

Hot Finished Seamless Size Range

OD: 2.000″ – 5.000″ (50.8 mm – 127.0 mm)

Min Wall: 0.180″ – 0.550″ m/w (4.572 mm – 13.97 mm)

For other industrial heat transfer applications, Plymouth Tube offers Air Heater Tubing (ASTM A-513 Type 1 or A-423 Grade 1 ). We are capable of the most demanding requirements of this segment. Attributes such as flash controlled OD & ID, long lengths, full annealed, and non-destructive testing are available upon request.

Plymouth boiler and pressure tubing is used in a variety of applications including:

  • Package Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Water Walls
  • Superheaters
  • Condensers
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Our commitment to the success of our customers through an emphasis on continuous improvement drives our never-ending search for quality. To meet the stringent requirements of today’s market, we offer value-added processes including four-directional full body ultrasonic testing and more sensitive non-destructive testing at your request. Additionally, we offer special end finishing such as chamfering and beveling. Cold Drawn Seamless MLR (Multi-Lead Ribbed) Tubing can be produced to your specifications for applications requiring surface efficiencies in high pressure boiler applications. We are always happy to work with customers to create new solutions for your most demanding requirements.

In addition to standard boiler products, Plymouth Tube’s West Monroe, Louisiana facility is a producer of stainless steel feedwater heater tubing and heat exchanger tubing in 300 series stainless steel. Our size range is .750″ – 1.25″ OD with walls .035″ – .120″. We can produce in lengths up to 150 feet and offer U-Bends if required for your application.

Plymouth Tube Company operates a large network of metalworking mills with nine mills in the United States and one in the United Kingdom. Plymouth Tube is a global supplier of tubing in aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel, as well as near-net extruded shapes in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium. All Plymouth mills are ISO 9002 certified and several are additionally certified to QS-9000.