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Issue 11 and Volume 103.

Boiler Feed Pumps

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Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Co.’s WDX line of horizontal multistage, ring-section pumps is now available for medium-pressure boiler feed and condensate return applications. The WDX pump features precision hydraulics and high head-per-stage performance, which results in low shaft stiffness ratios, fewer pump stages and high-efficiency operation. Multiple material options, including cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, 12 percent steel, 316 stainless steel and Duplex stainless steel are available.

Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Co.

Rupture Disk Cover

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The Jonas Inc. Turbine Rupture Disk Covers fit most rupture disk housings to stop or prevent air leakage into the vacuum part of steam systems. The same type of cover can be used to seal manholes on turbines, condensers and elsewhere in steam generation processes. When installed, the covers also serve as a leakage indicator for the rupture disk assembly so original disk replacement can be planned.

Jonas Inc.

Adjustable Frequency Drive

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TECO-Westinghouse Motor Co. has introduced the FLUXMASTER 1000 adjustable frequency drive, which incorporates the FluxPlus real-time analysis power management system. This design allows the drive to intelligently determine the cause of a potential trip and take corrective action by tuning the required drive parameters on the fly. The FLUXMASTER 10000 is designed for 230 V, 460 V or 575 V supply and features an output range of 0 Hz to 200 Hz.

TECO-Westinghouse Motor Co.

Gate Valve

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The Conbraco RP&C Division has introduced a line of forged steel gate valves specifically designed for Class 1500 service. Available in sizes 1/2 inch to 2 inch, the gate valves feature socket weld and threaded end connections and ANSI 900# and 1500# weld-on flanges. The bolted bonnet design provides a positive and extremely tight joint.

Conbraco RP&C

Electronic Descaling

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Goodway Technologies Corp. has introduced the ED-2000 electronic descaling system. Consisting of a control box and a prewrapped coil, this noninvasive product controls ion precipitation to reduce scale buildup in chillers, cooling towers, evaporators, condensers firetube boilers and other heat exchangers. This results in improved equipment performance, delayed or avoided shutdowns, and reduced energy costs.

Goodway Technologies Corp.

pH/ORP Monitor

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WTW Measurement Systems Inc. offers the QuadroLine pH296 high performance/high precision pH/ORP instrument, available in 16 model variations for various applications. Features include lightning/surge protection, auto temperature compensation, AutoCal calibration with buffer readout, compatibility with Pt100/Pt1000 temperature probes, simultaneous display of pH/ORP value and temperature, two analog outputs for pH and temperature, two programmable relay outputs and an RS-455 serial interface.

WTW Measurement Systems Inc.

Flow Sensor

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Verabar is a velocity-averaging insert flow sensor designed for gas, liquid and steam applications. Developed from aerospace technology, the unique sensor shape reduces drag and flow-induced vibration. The location of the low-pressure ports eliminates the potential for clogging and improves signal stability.

Veris Inc.

Ammonia Scrubbers

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Perma Pure’s AS-Series ammonia scrubbers remove ammonia slip from stack gas samples, eliminating damage to analyzers and sampling equipment. The rugged scrubber housing is permanently mounted in the gas sample stream and may be released and removed without tools for media replacement.

Perma Pure Inc.

Safety Switch

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Conveyor Component Co. has introduced a “broken-cable” version of its Model RS series of cable-operated safety stop switches. The new unit incorporates a detection device that signals whenever the actuation cable is severed or pulled. The Model RSB was developed to meet the stringent requirements of safety agencies throughout the world.

Conveyor Component Co.

Butterfly Valves

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CMB Industries Inc.’s new 3-inch to 24-inch K-FLO Wolverine butterfly valves feature a vulcanized, fully rubber-lined seat bonded to the body plus a standard fusion epoxy-coated ductile iron disc. These features protect the entire in-flow portion of the valve from corrosion. The Wolverine valve is certified to a 200 psi rating and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

CMB Industries Inc.

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Omega’s FD610 Series flowmeter features advanced trans-phase measuring technology, which provides accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed piping systems. A non-invasive clamp-on transducer measures flow in either metal or plastic pipes containing liquids with more than 25 ppm of 30-micron or larger suspended solids or entrained gases.

Omega Engineering

Industrial Elevators

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Alimak Elevator Co. provides a wide range of rack-and-pinion elevators for industrial applications. With capacities of 650 to 20,000 lb, the elevators require no machine room and can be easily installed inside or outside.

Alimak Elevator Co.

Expansion Joints

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General Rubber’s Style 1095 Maxi-Span non-metallic expansion joints are used in demanding ducting systems where flutter or heavy vibration can fatigue fiberglass reinforced or metallic joints. Constructed of solid fluoroplastic PTFE, the Maxi-Joint has no fiberglass components to fatigue, is resistant chemicals, and is rated to 500 F continuous service with a pressure rating of

General Rubber


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Croll-Reynolds offers a four-page brochure describing venturi and injection type desuperheaters for industrial and power applications. All Croll-Reynolds desuperheaters inject cooling water as a fine spray to maximize surface area for optimum evaporation. The Croll-Reynolds line of desuperheaters includes units to cover pipe sizes and pressure/temperature ranges, up to ANSI 900 and 1,470 F.


Ratchet System

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Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools’ new Eliminator ratchet system gives maintenance personnel greater access to fasteners. The sockets fit directly into the ratchet’s open head rather than on a square drive, providing faster, easier access to long-threaded rods. The Eliminator system is available in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drives.

Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools

Clinker Crusher

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Pennsylvania Crusher now offers its Clinker Crusher in a number of new sizes. All models reduce clinker (boiler ash) to the required top size, normally 1.25 to 1.5 inches by zero. The crushers feature a hinged door panel for easy access, a seal arrangement to reduce leakage, and a special tooth pattern to deliver greater peak crushing force.

Pennsylvania Crusher

Pipe Repair

Welding Services Inc. has unveiled the MINI-CUPUS system for repairing the internal diameter of corrosion/erosion damaged piping systems. The MINI-CUPUS applies a full fusion bonded overlay with the absolute minimum heat input, thereby holding weld chemistry dilution and heat-related stress to a minimum as well. The overlay is automatically applied to the full 360 degrees of the piping system for IDs as small as 23 inches.

Welding Services Inc.

Drive Couplings

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A new 36-page catalog provides technical reference information and specifications for Lovejoy’s complete line of Centaflex couplings, primarily intended for solving torsional vibration problems in diesel engine-driven pumps, generators and compressors. Centaflex designs transmit torque through elastomeric elements, moving the system’s critical speeds out of the normal operating range and absorbing shock loads.

Lovejoy Inc.

Resin Columns

Refillable resin columns from Waters Equipment Co. make cation conductivity analysis in water treatment systems more economical by eliminating the costs of replacing disposable ion exchange cartridges. These refillable cartridges can be used wherever cation conductivity is measured to verify high purity in makeup, steam and condensate streams.

Waters Equipment Co.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

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Thermoseal has published a new brochure describing the complete line of KLINGER maxiflex spiral wound gaskets, which are ideal for high pressure/high temperature applications where controlled sealing is a must or metal-to-metal sealing in a confined area is required. The gaskets can be used at pressures up to 21,775 psi and temperatures up to 1,470 F.

Thermoseal Inc.

Ball Valves

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The Series BV2 two-piece and 2BVS three-piece stainless steel ball valves, from W.E. Anderson, a division of Dwyer Instruments Inc., are now available and economically assembled with pneumatic, electric or modulating electric actuators. The full-port design of these valves, which are available in sizes from 1/4″ to 3″, accommodates maximum Cv with minimal pressure drop.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Fireside Treatment

The unique thermal properties of BetzDearborn’s FuelSolv FS 3954 fireside treatment controls deposit fouling problems and is effective in systems burning coal, municipal waste, black liquor and waste fuels. Expanding 10 to 15 times its original volume when exposed to heat, FuelSolv weakens deposits so they can be easily removed by routine sootblowing.


Hearing/Eye Protection

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American Allsafe Co.’ Plug Tails product provides workers the comfort and convenience of hearing and eye protection all in one. This one-size-fits-all product includes a spectacle lanyard and soft reusable silicone plugs, and is NRR:25 rated.

American Allsafe Co.

Spray Dryer Nozzles

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The new TDL Series, Low Flow Twist & Dry nozzle from BETE Fog Nozzle Inc. for spray dryer applications extends coverage to lower flow rates, down to 2.86 gph. The TDL nozzle features a unique locking system that keeps the swirl chamber and orifice “locked” into position during assembly.

BETE Fog Nozzle Inc.

Detection System

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Bernhard Inc. has introduced a non-contact beam break switch that can detect solids plugging a chute, fluid level in a thermoplastic or fiberglass tank, and obstructions such as vehicles at a dump site. Unaffected by noise, light, nominal dust, and steam, the instrument provides reliable non-contact presence or absence of product information. An adjustable time delay ensures that false triggering will not occur.

Bernhard Inc.

Genset Controls

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Frank W. Murphy Mfg. has produced a four-page brochure outlining new additions to Murphy’s line of electronic control equipment for generator sets. Keystart model controllers are shown for both auto and manual starting. Also shown is the new Autostart AS730 controller with a built-in communications port for remote programming, monitoring and controlling.

Frank W. Murphy Mfg.

Gas Analysis

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The fully automatic Pfeiffer Vacuum OmniStar Gas Analysis System has recently been successfully applied in the quantitative analysis of NOx in selective catalytic reduction systems. The analysis of compounds present in SCR systems has traditionally required the combination of several techniques; with the OmniStar, these analytical steps can be integrated into just one gas analysis system.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.

Oxygen Analyzer

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Land Combustion has launched the Genesis system, a fully integrated, stand-alone flue gas oxygen analyzer. The system utilizes a unique modular design that has complete set-up, diagnostic and display facilities built into the probe. The new design is particularly applicable to power generating boilers since installation and cabling requirements are minimized.

Land Combustion

Industrial Motors

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Lincoln Motors has announced a new line of long-life, large-frame motors. These motors are NEMA Frame 500 and larger, with horsepower ranges of 150 to 800. All low-voltage versions come with Class H insulation, which provides a 45 F cushion at service factor load, a significant improvement over industry-standard Class F insulation. To increase bearing life, the motors are equipped with bearing isolators on drive end shafts.

Lincoln Motors

Water Analysis

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A new 72-page booklet provides a comprehensive overview of Dionex analytical methods for the power industry. The guide provides up-to-date information on the use of ion chromotography to distinguish between corrosive and noncorrosive ionic intrusions, identify and eliminate sources of corrosive ingress, optimize and extend the lifetime of demineralizer resins, and maintain neutral anion-to-cation balances.

Dionex Corp.

Pulley Alignment

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Seiffert Industrial’s Pulley PRO system provides laser pulley alignment for belts, sheaves and sprockets. The Pulley PRO magnetically attaches to the pulley and uses reflected-beam laser technology to determine offset, vertical and horizontal angle misalignment.

Seiffert Industrial Sales Co.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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The DMS2 ultrasonic thickness gauge from Krautkramer Branson offers stable high-temperature measurement in corrosion/erosion applications, and provides four ways to measure without removing protective coatings. The on-board alphanumeric data recorder can store up to 100,000 readings in six standard user programmable file structures. Bitmaps of equipment circuits can be downloaded to the device to aid inspection and navigation through the plant.

Krautkramer Branson Inc.

Combustion Safety System

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North American Manufacturing Co. is now offering the FM-approved 8381 Intelligent Limit Controller (ILC), a significant advancement in the simplicity of safety in combustion systems. The ILC controls the safety shutoff valves, start-up sequencing and timing, and high-temperature limit, and performs first-out annunciation. The ILC can operate stand-alone or in a DeviceNet environment.

North American Manufacturing Co.

Remote Terminal Unit

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Zetron’s Model 1732 RTU (remote terminal unit) features 12-bit analog/digital conversion for greater accuracy, and can be expanded in modular increments to a maximum of 445 points with analog, digital, and pulse count inputs for pressure, temperature, flow, power, and other sensors while analog, digital and relay outputs interface to valves, motors, alarms, pumps and other controls.

Zetron Inc.

Valve Wrench

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Furmanite’s Torque Tamer system permits the effortless operation of opening and closing gearbox actuated valves. Hands-off operation is achieved through the combination of a torque-controlled pneumatic right angle wrench, providing rotation at the valve hand wheel, and a custom-designed and custom-fabricated rotational torque retaining frame attached directly to the valve itself.

Furmanite Worldwide Inc.

Leak Detection

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The TECTOR Series is an ultrasonic instrument from Bestobell Steam Traps Division used to check and locate steam traps and steam valves that have failed in operation, but don’t have visible signs of leakage. An LED display divided into green/amber/red segments provides a quick indication of leakage, while an LCD display provides a precise reading from 0 to 99.

Bestobell Steam Traps Division

Heat Balance Software

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Thermoflow Inc. has released Version 9.1 of its GT PRO and GT MASTER heat balance design software for thermal power plants. Several new features have been added, including the capability to run both programs in Microsoft Excel, a new user interface for GT MASTER, and a new technical model for inlet air fogging.

Thermoflow Inc.

Motor Protection Relay

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Cutler-Hammer’s MP-3000 motor protection relay maximizes motor operation while protecting against excessive heating and damaging overload conditions. Intel-I-Trip Overload Protection enables the relay to generate the precise trip curve that matches the specific motor being protected, guaranteeing that the motor will operate safely up to its design limits. The MP-3000 adheres to the standard for ground fault sensing and relaying equipment, UL 1053.


On-line Oxygen Analyzer

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EMP Company’s Model OA97 oxygen analyzer uses a zirconium oxide sensor, hermetically sealed in a stainless steel tube, for on-line oxygen monitoring in combustion control and process control applications. Surface mount technology provides a compact electronics package rated NEMA 4X. Internal components can be replaced without removing the probe from the stack.

EMP Company Inc.

High-Performance Pipe Fittings

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Fibercast’s new line of X-Class High-Performance Fittings provides an extra safety margin in conditions of high temperature (up to 200 F), high pressure (250-500 psi), and both acidic and alkaline corrosion. Fittings are available in sizes ranging from 1 inch to 8 inches, in a variety of types including blind flanges, 45 and 90 degree elbows, tees, concentric reducers and couplings.


Butterfly Valves

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DynaQuip Controls has introduced a new series of butterfly valves. The lines include cartridge seated economy valves, resilient seated valves in standard wafer and lug body styles. Direct motor actuators are also available.

DynaQuip Controls

Lubrication Systems

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Pre-tested and pre-qualified, John Crane’s API 610 and 614 lubrication systems provide customized reliability for heavy-duty centrifugal pump and compressor applications. These units-the largest of which measures 11 feet by 40 feet-is constructed of highgrade materials and every system is subjected to a wide variety of tests, including operational, hydraulic, electric and functional.

John Crane

Infrared Camera

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FLIR Systems’ new ThermoCAM PM 595 handheld infrared system is designed to make predictive and preventive maintenance inspections easier, faster and more accurate. Features include a maintenance free uncooled detector; high-definition longwave performance; point-and-shoot simplicity; digital image, voice and text annotation; and wizard-guided report generation.

FLIR Systems Inc.

Wear Resistant Strips

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Richglide Wear Resistant Strips are ideal for protecting conveyor rails, beds and other products from sliding surface friction. By adding molybdenum disulhphide, which increases surface lubricity and improves resistance to deformation at high temperatures, the strips obtain mechanical and thermal properties superior to those of Nylon 6/6 profile shapes.

Richco Inc.

Coal Flow Balancing

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Acoustica’s Pulverized Coal Flow Balancing System relies on an acoustic, passive intelligent sensor to detect particle flow and balance coal distribution to the boiler. The system has been tested on all coal types and can be installed on all pipe materials and sizes. Particle detection limit is 15 microns and repeatability is within 2 percent of uncertainty.

Acoustica AS

Reciprocating Air Compressors

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Gardner Denver has expanded its air-cooled reciprocating air compressor line to include the 3 to 30 hp range. The new R-series has been designed for long, trouble-free service. Sturdy, cast iron crankcase construction and tough cast iron or cast iron-lined domed cylinders eliminate head gasket concerns, improving compressor efficiency.

Gardner Denver

Pressure Isolation Ring

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Flexible Valve’s Style 5500 pressure isolation ring accurately monitors pressures in a variety of applications including: long pipes to detect breakage; monitoring pressure drops across a filter or pump; and measuring pump output pressure and sending a signal to stop the pump or open a bypass valve. The 5500-PIR fits between customer supplied piping flanges and its lightweight construction minimizes piping supports.

Flexible Valve Corp.