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Whistleblowers Not Needed

Issue 9 and Volume 103.

Martin Byster, Fishkill, NY

In regard to your alarmist position on global warming (Opinion, May 1999), are you asking your readers to believe that ignorance justifies inaction based on that ignorance?

There are those who will use or exploit global warming for their own political or commercial gain whether they believe it is happening or not. What is your motivation?

Perhaps science hasn’t “proved” global warming from emissions is happening, but no more than you have argued or science has “proved” it is not.

Global warming may be for science to establish, but the decision to expose me and other citizens to the potential consequences from emissions is political.

I want greenhouse gas emissions reduced. There are viable alternatives to these emissions for power consumption. I trust our legislators will not expose me unnecessarily. Whistleblowers are not needed.