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Issue 9 and Volume 103.

Mass Flow Transmitter

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The Series 504FT In-Line Thermal Convection Mass Flow Transmitter for industrial gases incorporates rugged all-welded thermal sensors with a miniature “in-the-head” microprocessor circuit. The microprocessor sports a large LCD display, 20-button keypad and easy-to-use software menus.

Wear Debris Analysis

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CSI’s new Wear Debris Image Capture Kit and Wear Debris Analysis software help users in tracking down root causes of machinery contamination and wear problems. The capture kit facilitates automatic importation of digital wear debris images. The analysis software enables users to identify root causes by matching a sample’s wear image with database images.

Pipe Freezing

COB Industries has developed ACCU-FREEZE, the world’s first digitally-controlled liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system. ACCU-FREEZE enables piping engineers to create in-line freeze plugs in 3/8″ through 12″ pipes, permitting pipe repairs to be made without shutting down or draining the system.

Dust Suppression

Martin Engineering’s FOG Dust Suppression System offers a low-moisture, no-additive system for capturing airborne dust around conveyors. Microscopic water droplets, typically 1 to 100 microns in diameter, join with dust particle to prevent their escape. Water consumption is typically less than 0.05 percent by weight.

RP&C Class 1500 Forged Steel Gate Valves

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The new RP&C gate valves are built to comply with applicable ASME/ASNI b16.34, Class 1500, plus API 602 and API 591 requirements. That includes using dedicated body and bonnet forgings instead of downsized Class 800 components.

All body and bonnet forgings on the gate valves are fully traceable. The valves are designed to deliver high performance and extended service with little or no repairs in a range of applications, including power generation, refining, petrochemical and process industries.

Available in sizes 1/2″ to 2″, the gate valves feature socket weld and threaded end connections and ANSI 900# and 1500# weld-on flanges. Construction options include A105N, A182-F22 and A182-F316/316L materials.

P.O. Box 247, Matthews, NC 28106
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USFilter is the leading global provider of water and wastewater treatment systems, products and services, as well as a leading provider of outsourced water services including the operation of water and wastewater treatment systems at customer sites. Our systems include: intake structures, microfiltration, boiler feed, electrodeionization, condensate treatment, cooling tower treatment, evaporators, chemical feeds and more.
USFilter, 30 Technology Drive, Warren, NJ 07059, 800/631-0878,

Applications Guide for the Power Industry

This new 72-page booklet provides an overview of Dionex analytical methods for the Power Industry. This guide provides information on the use of ion chromatography to distinguish between corrosive and noncorrosive ionic intrusions, identify and eliminate sources of corrosive ingress, optimize and extend the lifetime of demineralizer resins, and maintain neutral anion-to-cation balances. Dionex Corporation, 1228 Titan Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Goodway Technologies Corp. manufactures and distributes a complete line of power plant maintenance equipment including: condenser, boiler and heat exchanger tube cleaners, duct cleaners, wet-dry and HEPA vacuums, floor machines, hot and cold water hi-pressure washers, and other maintenance related equipment.

Goodway Technologies Corp., 420 West Ave., Stamford, CT 06902, Ph: 1-800-333-7467 or 203-359-4708, Fax: 203-359-9601, email: [email protected],web:


Dumbbell shaped cross-section with 1-1/4″ diameter knobs provide a bead to give a tight seal when clamped in place. Cord cores are imbedded into each knob to control and limit stretch; as well as, provide for bearing core. A minimum of 6 plies of polyester or nylon fabric forms the web carcass.
FlexCon Inc., P.O. Box 259, Shrewsbury, PA 17361


Sierra Instruments’ Application Guide to Mass Flow Measurement in Steam Generation and Distribution uses an illustration of a steam plant to describe the benefits of mass flow measurement in six common metering installations. The function and features of Sierra’s vortex and thermal mass flow meters are also described.

The poster is available free of charge from Sierra Instruments, Inc., 5 Harris Court, Building L, Monterey, CA 93940, (800) 866-0200, or e-mail to [email protected]

Windows Piping Stress Analysis Software

AutoPIPE combines remarkable ease of use with powerful analytical capabilities for calculation of piping codes stresses, piping loads on nozzles & supports, and deflections under static and dynamic loading conditions. Built-in tim history steam relief analysis per B31.1, unique nonlinear buried pipeline analysis, rotating equipment compliance, gaps & friction, pipe/structure interaction, nuclear QA&R, object oriented graphical interface and more. CAD interfaces with Rebis AutoPLANT, Intergraph PDS, and Cadcentre PDMS plant design systems. Interfaces with ME101 and Superpipe. Free 20 node demo.

Rebis Industrial Workgroup Software, 1600 Riveira Ave., Suite 300, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, phone: (925) 933-2525; fax: (925) 933-1920;

R.P. Adams Poro-Edgetrademark Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers

The R.P. Adams Poro-Edgetrademark Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer has been designed to meet a wide variety of industrial applications. The strainer reduces downtime and manual intervention while removing dirt, debris, and other impurities as low as 30 microns from liquid streams, resulting in cleaner flow for process services. The R.P. Adams Poro-Edge Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer can achieve separation to a level finer than the eye can see. Tel: 716-877-2608, Bill Niblock

Electronic Turbine Readings

Power House Tool, Inc.’s newest product takes turbine readings electronically. Press a button and the measurement is simultaneously recorded in an Excel worksheet. Maintenance crews throughout the world use our castellated sockets and wrenches, taper gauges, tightwire brackets, bolt heaters, headset alignment kits and extensometers. Along with the innovation of the electronic gauge, we provide Induction Heating Systems and Porta-Safes. Tel: 815-727-6301, Web Site:

Rapid End Prep Lathes

Introducing D.L. Ricci Corp New internally mounted Rapid End Prep Lathe Series, capable of machining any end prep configuration. With bi-directional and adjustable feed system, worn flanges can be remachined in-place with minimal effort. Designed with quick setup self-centering mandrel or independent miter mandrel, mounting in elbows, valve, fittings and flanges. (3) models, ranging 3″ I.D. to 120″ O.D. Sales, rental and service. D.L. Ricci Corp., 5001 Moundview Drive, Red Wing, MN 55066, PH: 651-388-8661, Fax: 651-388-0002, Email: [email protected],