Issue 8 and Volume 103.

Hand Hole Grinder
D.L. Ricci Corp.’s new hand hole grinder reduces grinding time and enables operators to resurface old and pitted sealing surfaces to a smooth finish. A thumb wheel micro feed adjustment provides accurate depth-of-cut control and a unique guide roller arrangement permits contouring of oval-shaped hand holes. D.L. Ricci Corp.

Expansion Joints
Newtex Industries offers a full line of Zetex fabrics for expansion joints used in high-temperature heat recovery and exhaust systems in the energy industry. Expansion joints using Zetex fabrics have increased expansion joint usage and performance by as much as 50 percent. Newtex Industries

Flue Gas Analyzer
The Cosa 700 portable combustion efficiency analyzer analyzes O2, CO, NOx, stack gas temperature and draft. It is suitable for all fuel types and can store data for up to 300 complete combustion emission tests. Results can be printed out in ppm actual or ppm corrected to 3 percent, 7 percent or 15 percent O2. Cosa Instrument