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Texas Tech Prepares for Peaks

Issue 6 and Volume 103.

Gas Power Systems has placed a 1.2 MW Innovator Genset at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. The project is intended to accommodate peak shaving applications in Central Texas. The unit was placed in cooperation with the Gas Research Institute and South Plains Electric Cooperative.

The Innovator is designed to operate on natural gas or liquid fuel. The unit weighs 14,800 pounds.

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The Genset uses an overhauled Lycoming T-53 turbine engine with a shaft output of 6,300 rpm fitted with a Cotta Transmission gearbox that provides a reduction of approximately 3.32:1 and produces an 1,800 rpm low speed output. The unit can use a variety of stock Newage AC generators to produce the specific voltage and cycle outputs required by a customer`s application. The Lycoming gas turbine engine is an aerospace and U.S. government engineered product, with more than 40 years of service.

Used extensively by the military, the T-53 has a proven design with more than 40 million logged hours. Designed to be compact, reliable and easily maintained, the engine weighs approximately 600 pounds and measures four feet long and about two feet in diameter.

Gas Power Systems overhauls the engines beyond the original requirements for a new engine, currently using a Stamford Newage AC generator with a 1.2 MW/480 V, 3-phase output.