Richard Heiber, CEO; Edwin Norse, CFO; and Robert Young, assistant vice president, took early reti

Issue 3 and Volume 103.

Personnel and Promotions

Richard Heiber, CEO; Edwin Norse, CFO; and Robert Young, assistant vice president, took early retirement from Green Mountain Power Corp. Nancy Rowden Brock has been named CFO.

Johnny H. Hayes has resigned as Tennessee Valley Authority director.

Virginia Power has announced plans to lay off 50 salaried workers.

Joseph Cranston has been named Constellation Energy Source director of engineering and project management.

Charles Lenzie will retire from his post as Nevada Power Co. CEO and chairman of the board on March 31.

Gary Brown has been named Psychrometric Systems Inc. president.

George W. Miraben is the new Illinois Power Co. senior vice president and chief administrative officer.

Robert L. Hargrave has resigned from his position as Stewart & Stevenson Services Inc. president and CEO.

Charles A. Smart has been named New Energy Ventures vice president of finance and treasurer.

Corwin R. Nelson has been appointed Waukesha Engine Division vice president – Engineering; and Gary D. Staker has been appointed vice president – Manufacturing.

Kevin W. Manuel has been appointed Engage Energy vice president, Regional Trading.

Albert H. Elfner III has been elected to the Unitil Board of Directors.

Roger H. Kessel has been promoted to TECO Energy Inc. executive vice president, and Sheila M. McDevitt has been named vice president and general counsel.

Roger Flynn has been promoted to Public Service Company of New Mexico executive vice president, Electric and Gas Services.

John Marshall has been named CitiPower managing director and CEO.

Southern Energy Inc. has announced several promotions, including: Randy Harrison, Southern Energy California CEO; Craig S. Lesser, Southern Energy New York CEO; and Henry T.gif. Coolidge Jr., Southern Energy New England CEO.

Horace S. Webb has been named Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. senior vice president.

Guy G. Campbell has been appointed FirstEnergy vice president – Nuclear. p