Personnel and Promotions

Issue 10 and Volume 102.

Personnel and Promotions

Thomas A. Smith has been named Oglethorpe Power Corp. senior vice president and CFO.

Michael Kansler has been named Entergy Operations vice president of Operations Support.

Mike Stoessl has been appointed Rosemount Analytical, Uniloc Division president.

Mark T. Kunt¥has been appointed Unicom Distributed Energy vice president and general manager.

David Coren has been promoted to Zenith Controls president. Arthur Coren has assumed the title of chairman and CEO.

Les Bryan retired from his position as Washington Water Power COO. Tom Matthews, chairman and CEO, has assumed the role of COO.

Tony F. DiStefano has been appointed PG&E Energy Services CFO.

Keith R. McKennon has been hired as PacifiCorp CEO. Frederick W. Buckman, the previous CEO, recently resigned.

Robert K. McDonald has been appointed ComEd strategic planning vice president.

Anastassios D. Fakonas and Timothy P. Garner have joined Hagler Bailly Inc. as vice presidents.

Jerry Yelverton has been named Entergy Nuclear president and COO. p