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1st U.S. Merchant Plant Dedicated

Issue 6 and Volume 102.

1st U.S. Merchant Plant Dedicated

Central and South West`s Sweeny Cogeneration Facility is up and running, touted as the first purpose built merchant plant in the United States. The plant is also the first to use residue gas, a byproduct of the petroleum refining process. The fuel is supplemented with natural gas in the plant`s combustion turbines using dry low NOx combustion.

The 330 MW plant is sited adjacent to the Phillips Petroleum Co. Sweeny refinery and petrochemical complex, southwest of Houston. The Phillips complex will use approximately one third of the power and the rest will be sold on the Texas wholesale power market.

Sweeney is one of the largest plants constructed in the country this year and it is the largest single addition to the Texas wholesale power market. The plant was designed by NEPCO of Redmond, Wash., using three 115 MW Westinghouse 501D5A combustion turbines. p