Service Engine Mounting

Issue 1 and Volume 102.

Service Engine Mounting

The SB3 mount by Korfund Dynamics has been designed especially for severe service engine mounting applications. SB3 will be supplied as a set which consists of a pair of halves and a snubbing washer, and it features a load range of 200 to 1,300 pounds. The mount offers the same low frequency isolation (approximately 12 H¥natural frequency at maximum load) as Korfund`s RB3, but with a built-in snubbing in all directions without metal-to-metal contact. SB3 mount fits a .75-inch-thick plate with a 1.5-inch diameter mounting hole with no chamfer or radius required. The bonded wear plate distributes loads evenly over more rubber area, which results in reduced localized strain and improved fatigue life. The mount was designed for high torque, vehicle, engine applications, but can be used anywhere severe shock and vibration conditions exist.

Korfund Dynamics

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