Oxidizing Biocide

Issue 1 and Volume 102.

Oxidizing Biocide

STABREX is a liquid, bromine-based oxidizing biocide exclusive to Nalco Chemical Co. It is more effective and more compatible with other chemistries than any other liquid halogen biocide on the market today. STABREX and other biocides are available through the comprehensive Bio-Manage(TM) total microbiological control program. STABREX is a one-component liquid biocide that is already active and ready to feed. The type of formulation reduces the volatility of the product, keeping most of it in the system for microbial control. It is an excellent program for removing biofilms, much better than chlorine or chlorine/bromine combinations. STABREX is effective against slime-forming bacteria and Legionella.

Nalco Chemical Co.

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