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Mobile Oil Cleaning System

Issue 1 and Volume 102.

Mobile Oil Cleaning System

Alfa Laval currently is launching emmie, the world`s first mobile system for cleaning hydraulic oil by centrifugal separation. Alfa Laval claims that emmie offers major savings for shipowners by increasing the reliability of sensitive, vital hydraulic systems, reducing component wear and extending the lifetime of hydraulic oil. The central component of the emmie concept is the miniature MIB 303 separator. Weighing only 18 kg and incorporating lightweight materials in the bowl and discs, the unit is mounted on a trolley with a built-in screw-pump, and with process monitoring and control functions. The system also is supplied with a separate mobile electrical oil preheater. The two units are connected by standard hydraulic oil hoses with quick couplings and non-return valves. Both units operate on 230 V ac and, therefore, can be plugged into any wall socket. Tests conducted show the emmie system offers a particle removal efficiency of more than 99 percent for particles smaller than 5 µm and removes virtually all water from the oil.

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