Flame Sensor

Issue 1 and Volume 102.

Flame Sensor

AMETEK Power & Industrial Products, a leading manufacturer of power plant instruments and sensors, announces its new Model TP20 Flame Sensor designed for OEM and retrofit burner applications. Available in ultraviolet or infrared sensors, the TP20 is compatible with a broad range of fuels, including natural gas, oil, coal and numerous off-fuels. Solid-state optical photodiodes provide maximum reliability and signal processing capability for reliable burner discrimination over a broad range of boiler loads–even at high flue gas recirculation rates. A flame signal correlation to Fuel/Air ratio on gas firing provides information to assist in burner adjustment for maximum efficiency. Coupled with an electronic signal processor interface, the AMETEK TP20 Flame Sensor provides real-time information to the BMS (burner management system). The interface unit powers the sensor head and measures sensor head signal output; it performs frequency analysis, and compares the sensor output signal to programmed flame settings. Combustion status information is provided to the plant information system via an RS422 serial interface.

AMETEK Power & Industrial Products

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