Automatic Shaft Alignment

Issue 1 and Volume 102.

Automatic Shaft Alignment

Optalign® Plus is setting new standards for simplicity and precision in shaft alignment of coupled or uncoupled horizontal and vertical rotating machinery. Fully automatic through use of a built-in angle sensor, just key in dimensions, “sweep” shaft from any position as little as a quarter turn, and view results. For gross misalignment, use infinite “range extension.” Forget about coupling backlash–results are not affected. Oversized symbols and numbers are easy to read even under poor lighting conditions. Single laser beam measures with 1 micron resolution. All components are waterproof and dustproof to IP65. Non-volatile memory; stores 99 measurement records for printout or PC data transfer. Better alignments save bearings, mechanical seals, couplings and gears. Reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Ludeca Inc.

Circle 191