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Issue 11 and Volume 101.

Utilities Host

$2.8M Wind Site


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have announced a $2.8 million agreement with a consortium of seven municipal utilities to construct and operate a 2,250 kW wind power plant near Algona, Iowa. Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) will serve as the lead utility for the project. The Iowa Distributed Wind Generation Project will include three 750 kW Zond Z-509 wind turbines, the largest commercial wind turbines manufactured in the United States. The turbines have 50-meter-diameter rotors and employ variable speed and variable pitch to take best advantage of available winds. They will be mounted 50 meters above ground level and will be connected to the distribution system for the joint owners.

The project, which is expected to begin generating power in mid- to late-1998, will be operated and maintained by Algona Municipal Utilities personnel. In addition to CFU and Algona, participants in the project are Fonda Municipal Utilities, Montezuma Light & Power, the City of Westfield, the City of Estherville and Ellsworth Municipal Utility. Algona was chosen as the project site because of its favorable wind resource, relative to Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The project will be partially funded by the DOE-EPRI Wind Turbine Verification Program, with the balance provided by the utility consortium. S