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Stray Currents Photo Discussed

Issue 11 and Volume 101.

Stray Currents Photo Discussed

I found the article entitled, “Stray currents can damage turbine bearings,” by Dr. Leyzerovich (August 1997) to be very informative. However, the photo on page 43, while typical of journal bearing damage, is less than typical of the electrical pitting damage described in the article. The characteristic frosted appearance could probably be better shown.

As the visual evidence of gross journal bearing damage typical of that shown in your photo is very different in appearance than the electrical pitting phenomenon described in the excellent article, the inappropriate photo may do your readers a disservice.

James B. Lewis, P.gif.

Consumers Energy

(Editor`s note: Lewis included a photo to illustrate his point but we were unable to obtain a reproducible copy.)

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