STP Sets Record For Nuclear Outages

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

STP Sets Record For Nuclear Outages

In an effort to streamline processes and reduce operating expense, South Texas Project Electric Generating Station (STP) is compressing outage schedules. Its 1997 outage achieved a record breaking 17.6 days.

STP, a nuclear power generating plant located 80 miles southwest of Houston, is owned jointly by Houston Lighting & Power Co., Central Power & Light and the cities of San Antonio and Austin.

Prior to 1995, STP had been managing its outages on a mini-computer system using 1980s vintage scheduling software, and refueling outages averaged 70 days. As part of its commitment to efficiency enhancements, STP focused on improving its scheduling and project management capabilities. In 1995, it made the switch to Artemis ProjectView, a client-/server-based multi-project management system. “Effective project management tools and methodologies were the lynchpin of our success,” stated Darrel Barr, STP scheduling systems supervisor.

Using the old system, the best available data were 24 hours old. The new system offers on-line, real-time information. Now reports contain “live” data, so the reports are accurate and potential problems can be addressed before straying too far off schedule.

“Many factors have contributed to our outage duration improvement including our incentive program, site-wide involvement, our `Lessons Learned` program and the job walkdowns prior to the outage.” S

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The South Texas Project Electric Generating Station.