PacifiCorp reaps double-digit power savings

Issue 8 and Volume 101.

PacifiCorp reapsdouble-digit power savings

About a year ago, PacifiCorp installed a new precipitator optimization system at its Dave Johnston plant in Glenrock, Wyo. Since then, the company has seen its power savings and efficiency improvements at Glenrock exceed its most optimistic payback expectations. The precipitator optimization system (POS) providing the power savings for PacifiCorp is marketed by Willoughby, Ohio-based Neundorfer Engineered Systems. Neundorfer`s POS, a PC-based supervisory control system linked to precipitators at Glenrock, automatically cuts back on power consumption when it is not needed and powers up the precipitators automatically if customer demand increases.

The savings achieved by the plant are due largely to a special energy savings software algorithm that is part of the POS software. POS uses precipitator process and opacity input to optimize precipitator performance. The system takes information from the unit load, boiler, stack, and other precipitator data and uses an algorithm to adjust the power output to peak efficiency. Voltage-control functions are integrated into and respond to the POS to simplify and automate the optimization of each precipitator. Because the algorithm automatically changes the power output as conditions change, engineers and technical staff at the plant are free for other duties. Glenrock plant engineers are also using WEB, an integrated software program developed by Trihedral Engineering Ltd. of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, and an important part of Neundorfer`s POS. The WEB software features a graphic interface that enables engineers and technicians to monitor a wide range of system operations, from tracking trends in transformer rectifier movements to measuring the sulfur grade in the coal being burned in each generator.

“With the previous software, we had to write custom drivers for each application. The standard drivers that are built into WEB have eliminated this need and saved customers time and money in installation costs,” said Steven Ostanek, Neundorfer`s national sales manager. “It is the combination of the customer-controlled, automated-precipitator optimization as well as the extensive monitoring, management and troubleshooting capabilities of the POS/WEB software that have increased the plant`s operating efficiency and resulted in significant power savings,” said Corrie Corbridge, PacifiCorp`s CET supervisor at the Glenrock site. All of these system capabilities have resulted in reduced in-house power consumption and more power available to sell to PacifiCorp`s customers.

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