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ECDs NiMH batteries perform at Tour de Sol

Issue 8 and Volume 101.

ECD`s NiMH batteries perform at Tour de Sol

Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (ECD) has announced that a Solectria Force four-passenger Sedan, powered by Ovonic nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, established a new driving range record of 249 miles on a single charge for production electric vehicles (EV). The new record was achieved over public roads between White River Junction, Vt., and Lincoln, N.H.–the heart of New England`s mountainous ski country. This year`s record performance beats last year`s record, also set by Solectria/Ovonic, of 244 miles over much flatter terrain driving between New York City and Washington, D.C. The Solectria/Ovonic EV also won awards for efficiency and handling, earning first place in the production category.

Among lead-acid, battery-powered vehicles, a 1995 Solectria Force was the leader, traveling 104 miles on a single charge. A Ford Ecostar electric van, equipped with experimental high-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries, traveled 202 miles.

Wisconsin evaluatespotential wind power

Seven Wisconsin electric utilities are funding the most comprehensive wind study research program ever conducted there. The Wind Resource Assessment Project will gather wind data from across the state to further evaluate wind as a potential energy source in the future energy mix. The $400,000, three-year effort will include erection of 13 wind measuring towers. Construction of the 40-foot monitoring towers is expected to begin in early fall.

Utilities involved are: Wisconsin Public Service, Wisconsin Power and Light, Madison Gas and Electric, Wisconsin Electric, Dairyland Power, Northern States Power and Wisconsin Public Power Inc. The group is working with the National Renewable Energy Lab, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and the Department of Administration-Energy Bureau.