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Wind-generated power coming to Colorado

Issue 6 and Volume 101.

Wind-generated power coming to Colorado

Wind-generated electricity will be delivered to Fort Collins, Colo., homes and businesses by November, following recent approval of a contract with a wind energy supplier, announced Rich Shannon, Fort Collins Light and Power general manager. As part of its Wind Power Pilot Program, The utility has agreed to purchase the wind power generated by two 750 kW wind turbines located in Medicine Bow, Wyo., according to Shannon.

Fort Collins Light and Power will buy the electricity from its wholesale electricity supplier, Platte River Power Authority, which finalized the contract with Northern Alternative Energy and Medicine Bow Energy, its subsidiary. More than 650 Fort Collins Light and Power customers, including 10 Fort Collins businesses, agreed last fall to pay a premium for wind power over at least three years. Fort Collins Light and Power`s intent is to match the average annual production of the wind project with the average annual electricity consumption of the participants.

“This represents a tremendous opportunity to provide clean, renewable wind energy to the community,” said Greg Jaunich, NAE president. “We hope to expand the Medicine Bow wind energy site as customers respond to the program.” Through the pilot program, Fort Collins Light and Power will assess the level of customer support, the feasibility of wind energy in the community and wind power`s potential as a long-term source of energy.