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Westinghouse introduces 401 combustion turbine

Issue 2 and Volume 101.

Westinghouse introduces 401 combustion turbine

Westinghouse Electric Corp. recently announced the introduction of the new 401 Econopac, a high-efficiency combustion turbine which is part of the Econopac self-contained electric power generation system that can be used in either simple-cycle or heat-recovery applications.

The 401 is nominally rated at 80 MW in simple cycle. This advanced geared engine is a scaled version of the 501 turbine series. The turbine shares the technological features of other Westinghouse models, including: two-bearing rotor, horizontally split casings, cold-end generator drive and axial exhaust. The 401 offers combined-cycle efficiency in the 53 percent range and lower life-cycle cost. It incorporates dry low-emission combustion technologies for low NOx, CO and other emissions without water or steam injection on natural gas. Initially, NOx levels of less than 25 ppm are anticipated on natural gas and less than 42 ppm on distillate oil with water injection.

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The Westinghouse 401 combustion turbine