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New generating capacity is needed

Issue 2 and Volume 101.

New generating capacity is needed

As a corrosion/material engineer with RE&C for 23 years in Philadelphia, Pa., I have worked on fossil power plant flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems for more than 20 years, starting with RE&C`s 100 percent regenerative MgO scrubbing process (nonsludge). This fully recyclable process yields either elemental sulfur or sulfuric acid as a salable byproduct.

My concern is utilities` compliance with Phase II of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA), which requires maximum emissions of 2.5 pounds SO2/106 MBtu by 1995 and 1.2 pounds SO2/106 MBtu by 2000.

So where are all the new FGD systems? Many were not built thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions credits plan, which appears to be a loophole in the CAAA.

Not only were few FGD systems added between 1990 and 1995, but not many more have been retrofitted since 1995. There should be many dozens of new FGD systems being designed and built by firms such as RE&C, but there are not.

So while the EPA reports 100 percent acid rain compliance, utilities are buying and selling emissions credits like a stock market exchange transaction instead of protecting the environment and the U.S. citizens–their customers.

I fully agreed with Publisher Robert W. Smock, “New generating capacity is needed”–now!

Bob Moore

Raytheon Engineers & Constructors