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Bitor tests Orimulsion ocean spill containment

Issue 2 and Volume 101.

Bitor tests Orimulsion ocean spill containment

Bitor America Corp., the national supplier of Orimulsion, has released the results of a marine spill test showing effective containment and cleanup of Orimulsion. Orimulsion, composed of 30 percent water and 70 percent natural bitumen, is used as an alternative fuel in electricity generation. The open ocean spill test, conducted off the coast of Venezuela, showed that Orimulsion can be contained and picked up if spilled in the open ocean, as more than 80 percent of the fuel was recovered.

The test involved the release of 86 gallons of Orimulsion, with several pieces of equipment deployed and tested to determine their effectiveness in containing and recovering the spilled fuel. Approximately 150 feet of Orimulsion boom (OriBoom) was deployed to surround the spilled fuel and ensure its containment.

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Deployment of OriBoom at Bitor America`s marine spill test near Anzoategui, Venezuela, in October 1996.