USABC inks battery agreement

Issue 1 and Volume 101.

USABC inks battery agreement

The United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC)–comprised of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Big Three U.S. automakers and the U.S. Department of Energy–has signed a $106 million agreement for the continuing research and development of advanced batteries for electric vehicles (EV). “It is now more important than ever to maintain the momentum of battery development and pursue the integration of advanced battery technologies in fully engineered EVs,” said Clark Gellings, EPRI vice president of customer systems.

Phase II of the agreement allows USABC to continue reducing the costs of mid-term EV batteries and forge ahead with the development of long-term battery technologies that were identified and developed as part of the Phase I agreement, signed in 1991.

“In Phase I, we identified nickel metal hydride as the most promising mid-term technology and focused on helping key battery developers demonstrate manufacturing capabilities,” said Robert Davis, USABC chairman. “We also identified lithium-based batteries as the long-term solution to EVs and have worked successfully to demonstrate technical design feasibility for these technologies.”