Liquids-from-coal plant completes permitting

Issue 1 and Volume 101.

Liquids-from-coal plant completes permitting

Encoal Corp. has initiated the permit process for a 16,500 ton-per-day liquids from coal (LFC) plant in Campbell County, Wyo. The LFC technology is owned by Tek-Kol, a partnership between SGI International and Ziegler Coal Holding Co., parent of Encoal.

The proposed plant is designed to process 16,500 tons-per-day (6 million tons annually) of Powder River Basin coal, producing 3 million tons of a high-Btu, low-sulfur, solid fuel known as PDF and 3 million barrels per year of a hydrocarbon liquid fuel known as CDL. A comprehensive feasibility study has been completed for the plant.

The study included engineering and design work by Tek-Kol and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, plus market evaluations and an analysis of more than four years of operating data from the Encoal 1,000 ton-per-day plant in Gillette, Wyo.

Markets for the products are projected to be utility and steel companies for PDF and chemical and petroleum refining companies for CDL. Several domestic electric utilities have already purchased and successfully test burned PDF.