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Gilberts GT24 nears final acceptance

Issue 1 and Volume 101.

Gilbert`s GT24 nears final acceptance

Following a summer of emergency power service, Jersey Central Power & Light`s (JCP&L) GT24 sequential combustion gas turbine has been undergoing commissioning on fuel oil, its backup fuel. Final commercial acceptance of the unit by JCP&L is expected at the beginning of 1997. The unit, installed in Gilbert Station in New Jersey, began operation in June, logging 475 operating hours on 102 starts for a total of 32,292 MWh over the summer.

A JCP&L spokesman said the utility selected the turbine to improve competitiveness. At Gilbert station, it is being used to modernize the 67-year-old power plant, replacing two older steam turbines. The installation, coupled with the retirement of the existing units, resulted in a new plant output increase of 96 MW. It is being considered for conversion to combined cycle.

The sequential combustion gas turbine design provides higher efficiencies than those of conventionally designed gas turbines. Instead of improving performance by increasing turbine firing temperature with accompanying cooling technology, the ABB sequential combustion turbines have two combustion chambers which operate simultaneously. This provides higher thermal efficiency with lower temperatures and lower emissions.

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ABB`s first GT24 sequential combustion gas turbine was accepted by JCP&L in June and began providing emergency power, accumulating 475 operating hours on 102 starts at Gilbert Station.