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Fuel cell tests start at Crane

Issue 11 and Volume 100.

Fuel cell tests start at Crane

Cinergy Technology Inc., Ballard Power Systems and the Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center are collaborating on a project to explore military and commercial uses for fuel cells. “Fuel cells were once only thought of as space-age technology, but their commercial possibilities are becoming more real as demand grows for cleaner, flexible and more efficient alternatives for producing electricity,” said John Mutz, Cinergy vice president. A 3,000 W proton exchange membrane fuel cell, powered by hydrogen, is being installed and tested at Crane. Cinergy is licensing the fuel cell from Ballard for installation and testing at Crane and will participate in joint research on the unit. Plans also call for installation of a 250,000 W natural gas-fueled unit at Crane in 1998.

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Piñon Pine Project

A GE MS6001FA gas turbine is installed at Sierra Pacific`s Piñon Pine Project near Reno, Nev. This integrated gasification combined-cycle project marks one of the first applications of the 6FA gas turbine. The plant is scheduled for commercial operation on syngas by the end of the year.