Calls for papers

Issue 11 and Volume 100.

Calls for papers

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Nuclear Engineering (ASME) Division has issued a call for papers for the 1997 International Joint Power Generation Conference and Exposition, scheduled Oct. 26-29, 1997, in Denver, Colo. Papers are being solicited for the subject session to address design enhancement in nuclear and fossil power plants to mitigate hydraulic transient problems in piping systems and components. Papers representing operating utility experience, prospective new plant designs and industrial/academic research efforts are welcome.

Abstracts are due by Jan. 31, 1997, to Joseph E. Veilleux, P.E., Session Chairman, North Atlantic Energy Service Corp., Design Engineering Department 01-62, P.O. Box 300, Seabrook, N.H. 03874. More information is available at (603) 474-9521 ext. 2844 (phone), (603) 474-2987 (fax) or [email protected] (e-mail). The conference is sponsored by ASME and the Electric Power Research Institute.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has issued a call for papers for the Fifth International Conference on Cycle Chemistry in Fossil Plants, scheduled June 10-12, 1997, in Charlotte, N.C. Host utility is Duke Power. More information is available from Barry Dooley, EPRI, 3412 Hillview Ave., P.O. Box 10412, Palo Alto, Calif. 94303, (415) 855-2458 (phone), (415) 855-2287 (fax) or [email protected] (e-mail).