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Steam turbine history

Issue 10 and Volume 100.

Steam turbine history

I have been involved in the turbomachinery industry for 45 years and thought I know a little about the evolution of steam turbines. Previously, I had been set straight in short order that the inventor of tilting pad thrust bearing was not an American from Philadelphia named Albert Kingsbury. Rather, it was an Australian working in England (not an Englishman) named Michell. I learned from the article entitled “Steam turbines power an industry” in the August issue of Power Engineering, that Sir Charles Algernon Parsons did not invent the reaction steam turbine that made his name famous and gained him many honors. Rather, Thomas Parsons was the inventor and should have received those honors.

I guess the old adage that you are never too old to learn is true.

William E. (Ed) NelsonDickinson, Texas

Editor`s response:

Charles Algernon Parsons gets to keep his awards. The editor gets no award for his proofreading.