People search

Issue 8 and Volume 100.

People search

Lost track of that old high-school buddy? Try visiting the Switchboard. This site searches a country-wide database of white pages to find the phone and address of ol` What`s-her-face. The more information you provide, such as state or city, the better chance you`ll have for a successful search. This person may even have an e-mail address. Look for it in the Four11 directory, a database still in its growing stage (about three million entries to date). The directory will find e-mail addresses or personal Web pages.


Whether you seek freeware, shareware or otherware, two sites stand out when it comes to finding software on the Net. Jumbo lists software from several categories including games, business, utilities (as in computer, not electric), word processing and graphics. C|net`s shareware.com has an index of nearly 200,000 software files, consisting mainly of freeware and shareware. The site has an idiot-proof interface, allowing searches by file, directory name or description, and a top 10 list to show you what your fellow users think is interesting or useful.

All-in-one search

There is actually a site called The All-in-one Search Page, but like others of its kind, All-in-one simply combines several search forms onto one page and will only search one form at a time. The mother-of-all-search-engines must be SavvySearch. This engine not only allows parallel searc