Houston reaps prevention benefits

Issue 8 and Volume 100.

Houston reapsprevention benefits

Houston Lighting & Power Co. (HL&P) participated in an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) project to develop a generic pollution prevention plan and workbook to comply with a state requirement for pollution prevention plans.

Using the workbook at two generating stations, HL&P identified a projected reduction of 70 percent in hazardous waste generation, projected to save the utility approximately $32,000 annually. HL&P is using the workbook to prepare pollution prevention plans for its other eight generating stations and 20 service centers to optimize waste reductions and associated savings.

Starting with a generic workbook provided by EPRI, site-specific plans were developed for T.H. Wharton and W.A. Parish generating stations. Several source reduction and waste minimization options were identified for reducing hazardous waste generations, including switching to nonhazardous cleaning solvents, greater reuse of solvents, use of steam cleaning in place of solvents, substitution of water-based coatings for oil-based coatings, cascading of solvent in the cleaning of painting equipment, replacement of aerosol solvents containing hazardous chemicals, maximizing the use of contaminated diesel as fuel and on-site distillation of liquid paint wastes.

One of the keys to successfully developing and implementing the plans was the formation of a pollution prevention team consisting of