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Gilbert Station tries new ABB turbine

Issue 8 and Volume 100.

Gilbert Station triesnew ABB turbine

Full load operation of ABB Power Generation`s first GT24 gas turbine has been achieved at Jersey Central Power & Light Co.`s (JCP&L) Gilbert Station. ABB notes this as a “major power generation breakthrough as it is the industry`s only commercially available annular sequential combustion gas turbine.”

The unit has achieved guaranteed values for output, efficiency and emissions. During full load operation, both chambers of the sequential combustion system are operating as planned. Commissioning is continuing with provisional acceptance from JCP&L expected soon. JCP&L selected the turbine to improve the plant`s competitiveness, citing high efficiency and low operation costs as contributing factors. At Gilbert, the turbine is being used to modernize the 67 year-old plant, replacing two older steam turbines. The GT24 installation, coupled with the retirement of the existing steam units will result in a net plant output increase of 96 MW.