Issue 8 and Volume 100.


By Jaree McNamara, Assistant Editor

Advanced Course in Maintenance Management, The Hayo Consultants (505/237-0313), Houston, Texas, Sept. 9-10.

Technology Forecasting Workshop, Technology Futures Inc. (800/835-3887), Austin, Texas, Sept. 9-11.

10th NARUC Biennial Regula tory Information Conference, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (202/898-2200), Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 11-13.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course, The Hayo Consultants (505/237-0313),Houston, Texas, Sept. 11-13.

Turbine Generator Trouble shooting Short Course, Electric Power Research Institute (800/745-9982), Eddystone, Pa., Sept. 11-13.

IE India Power Industry Forum, Independent Energymagazine (612/983-6892), New Delhi, India, Sept. 15-16.

DA/DSM(TM) Asia `96, PennWell Publishing Co. (918/831-9727),New Delhi, India, Sept. 15-17.

Power Delivery Asia `96, Penn Well Conferences & Exhibitions (713/963-6211), New Delhi, India, Sept. 15-17.

Physor `96 International Conference on the Physics of Reactors, American Nuclear Society (81/29/282-5012), Mito, Japan, Sept. 15-20.

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Seminar, NewStandard Institute (203/783-1582), New Orleans, La., Sept. 16-18.

POWER-GEN Asia `96, PennWell Conferences & Exhibitions (713/963-6211), New Delhi, India, Sept. 17-19.

APPA Policymakers Workshop, American Public Power Association (202/467-2900), Burlington, Vt., Sept. 19-21.

Advanced Course in Maintenance Management, The Hayo Consultants (505/237-0313), Chicago, Ill., Sept. 23-24.

Emergency Planning in Utility Operations and Dynamic Communications in Competitive Utilities Seminars, Peak Performance Management Inc. (706/820-4197), St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 23-24.

EPRI 8th International Workshop on Main Coolant Pumps, Electric Power Research Institute (704/547-6139), Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 25-27.

1996 Annual Meeting: Geothermal Development in the Pacific Rim, Geothermal Resources Council (916/758-2360), Portland, Ore., Sept. 29-Oct. 2.

International Uranium Fuel Seminar, Nuclear Energy Institute (202/739-8123), St. Petersburg Beach, Fla., Sept. 29-Oct. 2.

PSA `96: International Topical Meeting on Probabilistic Safety Assessment, American Nuclear Society (208/526-7670), Park City, Utah, Sept. 29-Oct. 3.

The Marketing Institute forthe Electric Power Industry, Infocast (818/609-9145), Denver, Colo., Sept. 29-Oct. 4.

1996 Gasification Technologies Conference, Electric Power Research Institute and Gasification Technologies Council (415/855-2503), San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 1-4.

11th Annual Cooling Conference, International District Energy Association (202/429-5111), Chicago, Ill., Oct. 2-4.

Decision Analysis for Environmental Risk Management, Electric Power Research Institute (415/855-2593), Palo Alto, Calif., Oct. 3-4.

ISA/96 International Conference & Exhibition on Measurement, Control and Automation, The Instrument Society of America (919/990-9215), Chicago, Ill.,Oct. 6-11.

International Course on Small Hydro Development, Central Board of Irrigation and Power (India) (91/11/301-5984), New Delhi, India, Oct. 7-11.

Wood Waste/Sludge-Fired Boiler, Babcock & Wilcox (800/323-2695), Akron, Ohio, Oct. 7-11.

International Joint Power Generation Conference and Exposition, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (212/705-7793), Houston, Texas, Oct. 14-16.