Baldwin converts hazardous waste

Issue 8 and Volume 100.

Baldwin converts hazardous waste

Illinois Power`s Baldwin Illinois Power Plant has installed a new thermal recycling facility to perform thermal recycling with no discharge. Kipin Industries Inc., Aliquippa, Penn., developed the facility to treat and recycle nonhazardous oil and coal tar contaminated soils, liquids and sludges.

The thermal recycling unit supplies materials to two massive, coal-fired cyclone boilers with a burning temperature of 3,000 F and a resident time of 5.6 to 6 seconds, which greatly exceeds that of conventional thermal units. Its large size, long residence time and high burning temperatures allow the facility to accept a wide range of materials and consistencies. Due to the high temperatures, solids melt, as in a blast furnace. The tars, oils and organics produce heat for steam production and the remaining molten slag is quenched to make roofing shingles and other grit products. Every pound of waste can be converted into useful, marketable products.

Initial incoming capacity for the facility is 600 tons per day. The facility receives materials by truck and rail with future barge capabilities. Incoming materials can be liquid, solid, sludges or mixtures and can be intermixed with soil, rock, brick, scrap metal, wood, plastic or other waste. The facility separates, segregates and processes any mixture to allow simpler, faster and more economical clean-up of contaminated sites.

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